Lost Souls

Album: Church in These Streets (2015)


  • This song finds Jeezy praying for lost souls like Jamie, Rochelle and Sugar: the "baddest btches" he'd ever seen who "made a living working the pole," and guys like D Boy who "made a career working the bowl."

    Jeezy explained in a Genius annotation: "Jamie, Rochelle and Sugar were the baddest chicks in Magic City. I was a young cat, getting to the money and I always looked at them like beauty queens. I used to motivate myself to get more money because the guys that they were interested in were the big dogs at the time."

    "They were light-skin, pretty girls, pretty hair - they were the superstars of the night life there. I basically used them to motivate me to be bigger and better because I wanted all their attention."

    He added: "D Boy, was this cat out of Ohio. He just did some things and it didn't work out for him. He was a good dude, very ambitious. He wasn't scared of nothing, or no one. He was just really wild."

    "They couldn't find his body for two years, but they went back and found him with his penis cut off. Bless his soul, he was a good dude."

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  • Erik from ChicagoThanks for having the chorus correct. A lot of people have that wrong. But one change is "he used to run with D boy, them eses cut his his penis off" like the Latino word. Ese.
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