If You Had My Love

Album: On The 6 (1999)
Charted: 4 1
  • This was the first single Lopez released, and it established her as a singing star as well as a popular actress and dancer. Over the next few years, she became one of the most sought-after entertainers and cultivated a glamorous image through high-profile romances and numerous public appearances.
  • Lopez was not known as a strong vocalist, and she relied on a talented team of writers and producers to create a marketable sound for her. Rodney Jerkins, who has worked on many R&B/pop hits, produced this track.
  • In this song, Lopez is telling a man what he has to do if he wants to be in a relationship with her. She insists that he stay faithful and give her true love.
  • At the time, the Internet was relatively new and streaming video was in its infancy. As the public discovered the voyeuristic nature of The Net through webcams, the video for this song capitalized on the trend by showing a man looking up "Jennifer Lopez" online and being transported to a world where he can watch her in action by clicking various links. >>
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    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR, for above 2
  • Jerkins originally wrote the groove with Michael Jackson in mind, but producer Cory Rooney suggested trying it out on Lopez. LaShawn Daniels, who co-wrote the Destiny's Child hit "Say My Name" with Jerkins, wrote the lyrics and melodies with Rooney.
  • Rooney remembers the recording session, where Lopez was doubting her singing abilities: "I would always tell her that this is no different than her acting job. Forget technique. Just close your eyes and believe in every word you're singing. Don't worry about where you're standing or anything like that as far as positioning on the mic, because it's the job of the engineer to capture your voice. Just be you. Go into character for what this song is going to require and we'll pull off the rest."

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  • Mark from Medicine HatBig butt, no talent.
  • Valerie from Allentown, PaHmM... its okay. my boyfriend is like obsessed with Jlo because she has a big butt...lol.
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