• Jessie J explained that she penned this empowerment anthem for every woman. "I wrote this song because we ALL need to remind ourselves more out-loud how beautiful we are inside out," she said. "Simple. This isn't just another song for me this is a way of thinking and a mantra we all deserve."
  • Jessie expanded on the background to the song: "I was so angry but passionate that day in the studio recording 'Queen,'" she said. "I was so fed up of seeing negative comments and these forever changing rules for women on what is set as beautiful and ugly. There is no such thing, we are all QUEENS. I wanted to write a song that represented all women."

    She added: "I know there will be women that would have never said these words out loud to themselves before. 'I love my body, I love my skin, I am a goddess, I am a Queen.' That alone is so powerful. Whilst focusing on lifting up myself, it never left my mind the importance to uplift all women at the same time. So important to me."


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