Think About That

Album: R.O.S.E. (2017)
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  • Jessie J teamed up with the producer DJ Camper - who has also worked with the likes of Nicki Minaj, John Legend and Mariah Carey - for this stark and raw cut in which she calls out a freeloader.
  • The song was freestyled by Jessie back in September 2016, when she was working with DJ Camper on the Make Up For Ever beauty line campaign. "I didn't want to write any new songs." The singer explained, "Camper said 'Ok' then before he left the room, he put the beat for 'Think About That' on a loop. The lyric and melody just starting falling out of me, and 15 minutes later when he returned I had a song. He laughed and said 'see.'"
  • Jessie J expanded on the story of the song in an interview with Billboard:

    "He put the 'Think About That' beat on repeat before going outside for a break. I called him a d---head because I still didn't feel creative yet. I hadn't really written a song for two years, just some poetry.

    But as I sat there and listened to the beat, words started to come out. I was in the booth recording with the engineer when Camper came back.' "If you don't write music,' he said, 'I'll be f---ing angry. This is what you do and who you are.'

    For someone I hardly knew to say that to me … I don't think he understands how much impact that moment had on me in that someone was praising something that I hadn't been celebrated for in a long time. I was discovered through my songwriting but success takes you on different paths. I didn't write 'Bang Bang,' 'Burnin' Up' or 'Masterpiece.' I felt I'd lost my flair that made me special."
  • The defiant song was released as single from Jessie J's mini album R.O.S.E. The EP is named after the songstress' mother, as well as being an acronym for Realisations, Obsessions, Sex and Empowerment.
  • The steamy video sees Jessie J writhing around in a S&M style outfit, before dancing in a dim, smoky street. She explained the clip's concept:

    "I wanted the storyline to be simple because I wanted people to hear the lyric. I wrote the treatment and edited it myself with director Erik Rojas and creative director Brian Ziff, who also did the album shoot. The video ties in with the R.O.S.E. video, which I also wrote and edited. It ends with me in the pose on my knees holding a rose and tied up. So I start the video tied up on my knees in a blank space, holding the rose and tearing it apart.

    The mask and fishnet I'm wearing is me living through other people that have hurt me. Then I shoot myself into myself; it's like taking back the power. That's my favorite part of the video."


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