You Were Meant For Me

Album: Pieces Of You (1995)
Charted: 32 2
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  • Jewel wrote this song with Steve Poltz from The Rugburns, who also appeared in the video with Jewel - they were a couple at the time. At a 2007 concert in Sydney, Poltz explained that he wrote the song with Jewel while in Mexico, and at one point the lyrics flew out of the car window when they were driving. He went back to get it, but almost abandoned it. Poltz would go on to start the "Frasier Fair" in 1998, which was a male response to the Lilith Fair. >>
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  • This was Jewel's second single, providing a follow up to her debut hit "Who Will Save Your Soul?" and quickly taking her out of one-hit-wonder consideration.
  • This was the most played song on US radio in 1996.
  • Two music videos were made. The original was directed by Sean Penn in 1996 and featured the less popular "Juan Patino Radio Mix."

    Lawrence Carroll directed a second video for the hit "radio version," which features Jewel and Steve Poltz as lovers struggling to be together. Jewel has said the "shedding" of her clothes in the video symbolizes "being free with a lover or friend. Being stripped and surrender yourself to them."
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  • The Lawrence Carroll-directed video won the award for Best Female Video at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Poltz told Entertainment Weekly that this song was "written on a drug bust in Mexico." He and Jewel met a couple of cops who agreed to take them whale-watching until duty called. "We were way out on the water and they got a call and said, 'We don't have time to drop you off. We're trying to catch these drug smugglers, and there might be a shoot-out.' They asked us if we wanted AK-47s, so we had guns, and they caught the guys. We helped them load the pot back onto the boat and they took us back to shore." Luckily, no shots were fired.
  • Jewel recorded this song three times before she found a version that made her and her record label happy. She told Billboard of the original version: "When I got my album in my hands for the first time, I sat down crying because I hated the way I sang the song so much. The choruses really bothered me. To hear that it was going to be the single, it was like, no, that's my worst nightmare come true I was appalled." After a lukewarm remix that spawned the Sean Penn-directed video, Jewel still wasn't satisfied and insisted on recording the third and final version, which became a hit.
  • This was used on the TV shows How I Met Your Mother ("Game Night" - 2006) and The Office ("Phyllis' Wedding" - 2007).
  • Jewel performed this, along with "Who Will Save Your Soul?," on a 1997 episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by actor John Goodman.
  • At the time, this was the biggest-selling single in the history of Atlantic Records, and Jewel became the label's first artist to grace the cover of TIME magazine (July 21, 1997).
  • The Pistol Annies, a country music trio featuring Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley, joined Jewel on this track for her 2013 Greatest Hits album.
  • Jewel performed this, along with "Foolish Games," under the guise of a businesswoman at a karaoke bar in a 2010 Funny or Die video.
  • Jewel wrote the song during the time she was homeless and living in her car. During that period she started having panic attacks and anxiety, and came up with her own way of coping, using mindfulness exercises to retrain her brain. In an interview with ABC radio, she said the line, "Dreams last for so long even after you're gone" is about "the love of fantasy versus the actual reality."

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  • Brad from Cape CodI LOVE this song!!! When I first hear it I was blown away by the lyrics AND the voice of Jewel. I had never heard of her before, but this song made me an instant and lifelong fan. I've played it over and over again using ALEXA and I still can't get enough of it. My wife died in 2017 and this song hit me like a ton of cotton.
  • Ivana from Edgewood, MdI just have to add that this song is really emotional! It's also sad in how she's saying how her lover is meant for her regardless of their break up. It's one of the songs you can listen to if you're still in love with your lover though you guys just broke's then easy to relate to it.I can.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnMy favorite song from the '90s. Jewel inspired me to buy my first guitar. She is still one of my faves.
  • Ivana from Baltimore, MdI just want to say that I really love this song also. I agree with some of the comment on here. I like the soft flute in the background too!!!It does sound haunting and peaceful!!! I first heard this song some years back when I was about 8 years old I think and then I started searching for the song after I hearing it in an office waiting for a job interview. I found it and I'm so glad I did. I also like how it mention the things we do everyday, it's such a lovely song. I like how it sounds country and it reminds me of the country too. I'll never get tired of this song.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhBeautiful visual lyrics.
  • Craig from Melbourne, AustraliaJewel is very much a "Earth Woman". As in, she prefers to be barefoot. In many publicity shots and clips (including this one) she is barefoot.
  • Matt from Harlan, KyI love this song. It is so beautiful. I just love the soft flute in the background. So haunting and peaceful.
  • Angel from Somewhere In, AzHey Grace-

    Not even close!!
  • Jessie Ann from Purchase, NyI used this song as an audition piece for a musical.
    I got the part.

    A beautiful song but a little overplayed
  • Don from B G, KyThis song is so good it makes you ache. I love how it mentions the simple things we all do in a day. Like breakfast, showering, phone call, going to the movies, brushing your teeth, etc. Who knew you could make a love song about the mudane things in life and do it so beautifully? Go figure.
  • Grace from Fairfax Station, VaI think the lover in this song is either dad or her broke up with the author (Jewel). This is back from when Jewel actually seemed like a person with depth and talent. Now, she's just another Britney Spears clone.
  • Bethany from Carrier Mills, IlThis video was NOT directed by Sean Penn it was directed by Laurence Carol, he came up with the imagery and everything. It explains it on the "Life Uncommon" DVD.
  • Lola from Street, MdThis is one of my favorite songs..
  • Audrey from Boston, MaIn the video there is a message written on Jewel's back that reads "he says I feel like home to him." Jewel wrote this line and it was added to the video.
  • Nora from Richfield, MnThis song was re-recorded for the radio
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