The End Is Beautiful

Album: Integrity Blues (2016)


  • This song finds Jim Adkins recommending not dwelling on your pain when you split up with a lover.

    It doesn't have to hurt anymore
    No, it doesn't have to hurt anymore

    Adkins explained to Kerrang!: "It's about relationships ending. If you interpret that as painful, then that frustration keeps you in a place of misery, and that's first choice you have. Yes, things are different. Yes, things might change, but it's completely a choice of yours to relieve that pain over and over again. Coming to acceptance of it, really, truly is freedom. It takes that uncomfortable, real work to get to that place. But the other option is things are lost? You're just gonna be miserable? Really, that's an option? I suppose… but that's not really what you want, right? That's not the solution to anything. You literally do not have to feel that way."


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