A Young Gypsy

Album: Where Are You Now, My Son? (1973)
  • Baez wrote this song about her son Gabriel, the giveway is the last line "For the gypsy is two years old".
    Joan Baez was born in New York in 1941, and met fellow anti-war activist David Harris after her October 1967 arrest for civil disobedience; they were both interned in the Santa Rita county jail, California. For a while the two lived together in his draft resistance commune; they married shortly, but Harris was arrested again while she was pregnant with their son, and her only child. Gabriel Harris was born in December 1969. Baez and Harris divorced amicably in 1973, and they shared custody. Although obviously intensely personal, this is a fairly run of the mill light acoustic number in comparison with most of her political songs. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England


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