An Old Friend of Mine

Album: Old Things New (2009)
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  • This Rick Tiger and Brock Stalvey penned song is a track from Country music artist Joe Nichols' sixth studio album, Old Things New.
  • Nichols said of this cut: "Rarely does a song come along that accurately describes the pain and the power of addiction. In a lot of ways, saying goodbye to an addiction is like saying goodbye to an old friend; someone who has been there for you in good times and in bad times. I'm thankful I have something worth living for and fighting for, and I'm thankful for this song."
  • Nichols, who had been sober for several months when he recorded the song, admitted to AOL's The Boot that he felt as if the song had been written specifically for him. He said: "I wish I'd written it! I was fortunate enough to find something that expressed everything I'd been through. The first time I heard it, it stopped me. I knew this song had to be on the album. It's purely done for me. I felt so strongly about it. There have been several songs that have been strong to me personally but that I knew probably wouldn't be a single, but I went into the studio and cut it anyway. This is one of those songs."
  • Nichols explained to The Boot why the video was kept simple: "We thought it would be most effective if it was just me and a camera -- one on one. There's no added extras, no side story, nothing pretty to look at. It's just me telling my story to the camera... which was awkward! If you watch the video, it's kind of uncomfortable tension. But that's what makes it powerful. Telling your story of addiction is uncomfortable, and that's what we wanted to capture."
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