I Believe

Album: Flying in a Blue Dream (1989)
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  • There are many songs called "Believe" or "I Believe", and not a few of them have a spiritual dimension. Although Satriani is known primarily as one of the best guitarists in the business, with this he shows his spiritual side, walking alone, deep in the muse, wondering where he is, and all of us are, going, the meaning of life, and seeking above all to hold on to his dream.

    This is the slowest track on the monster Flying In A Blue Dream album, easily the most thoughtful, and unarguably one of the best in this vein ever written. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
  • In our interview with Joe Satriani, he told the story behind this song: "It was a difficult period in my life, where my father was in the process of passing away, and I was struggling with finishing up the Flying in a Blue Dream record. I was actually writing other songs that were instrumental pieces for the album. I'd be taking breaks during those periods, and I'd pick up the acoustic guitar and would start playing music.

    There was a big painting in our apartment that a friend of my wife's had done. She had worked my wife's face into this figure, and I used to look at that quite a bit when I would take breaks from working on the album. So I wrote a song really about how difficult life is, but how ultimately, you have hope and you can change things for the better. It was really about writing that song and looking at that picture."
  • A black-and-white video directed by David Hogan was made for this song and included as part of The Satch Tapes, a 1992 Satriani retrospective that was sold on VHS. Hogan also directed Satriani's video for "All Alone."


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