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Album: Love in the Future (2013)
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  • The second song to be lifted from John Legend's Love in the Future was produced by his long-term collaborators Kanye West and Dave Tozer, along with Da Internz, and Nana Kwabena. "I met Dave when I was in college at the University Of Pennsylvania in 1998 and we've been making music together ever since," Legend explained at the showcasing of the album in London. "I met Kanye back in 2001 when I had just moved to New York. We worked together on Get Lifted and a bit on Evolver."
  • Kimbra provides the haunting backup vocals and scatting on this song. The New Zealand singer-songwriter is best known for her contribution to Gotye's hit tune "Somebody That I Used To Know." Tozer told SonicScoop how Kimbra's part came together: "We were in the studio together and we played the song for her, and she had a melody idea that she wanted to just quickly record while it was in her head," he recalled. "It was intended that it would be developed and have lyrics written to it, but her scatting sounded so cool, I said, 'let's just use it like that, instead of developing it further.' So what you hear were the original spontaneous ideas that emerged when she first heard the song. It ended up being very cool."
  • The song soundtracked an advert for the 2014 Chevrolet Impala. The commercial started running on June 20, 2013 during Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Speaking to Billboard magazine, Legend, whose father worked for Chevy's parent company General Motors in Ohio, said the partnership with the vehicle brand hit very close to him. "Growing up in a family of autoworkers in the Midwest, I'm very sensitive to the fact that we want to support great American manufacturers that are making our cars," he said. "I thought it was an exciting thing to support this classic brand being reinvigorated. The car's beautiful and I'm excited to represent it."
  • The song's sensual music video was created from a concept by the French artist Yoann Lemoine a.k.a. Woodkid (Drake's, "Take Care," Lana Del Rey's "Born To Die") and was directed by the fashion photographer Daniel Sannwald.
  • Legend wrote the original version with Dave Tozer, then West asked Da Internz to change the drum pattern. Legend said this is what "really made the song what it was."
  • Tozer told SonicScoop about the song's huge cinematic ending: "Because this was such an unusual song structure, I wanted something at the end that took it to a new sonic space and mood."

    He added: "I decided on something classical, but dark and powerful, so that end was written by me and Andrew Horowitz, one of my collaborators. We wrote the string arrangement on that as well. There's a very classical, arpeggiated piano part, full string orchestra, timpani, Mellotron, and a real choir as well, and the opera singer Aude Cardona is singing on it. So we're really getting into that vibe of classical orchestration. But then you have all the trippy vocals on it, with all the delay repeats. The climax builds to this great big epic, and then gives it the powerful release on the end."


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