Why Georgia

Album: Room For Squares (2002)


  • This song is about a growing trend among the North American population. After graduating from university, adults are now going through second adolescence since, for the most part, they wait until their 30s to get settle down, get married and have kids. This explores these feelings of drifting, feeling like you don't really have a purpose in your life. >>
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    Shireen - Ontario, Canada
  • Mayer wrote this song when he was living in Atlanta, Georgia. He was having his doubts on whether he would be successful and if he should leave Atlanta. In the song, he states that he's tempted to keep driving in the car and leave everything behind. >>
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    Shirl - Bay Area, CA

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  • Scott from Hickory, NcI saw him in an interview he said he was on the way to a gig while living in Georgia, he was headed one way on the interstate and said he was laughing at the traffic in the opposite lanes cause it was stopped bumper-to-bumper...Then suddenly he realized he had left his guitar at his job and would have to turn around and go back the opposite way where traffic was so bad and he thought to himself.."Why Georgia"? And the rest is history
  • Randy from Reading, PaI first saw John in 2001 or 2002 opening up for Glen Phillips (formerly of Toad the Wet Sprocket) in a little dive bar in Philly called the North Star.

    I thought he was a pretty good guitarist but I didn't really appreciate his songwriting til after I heard his first CD.
  • Pookielocks from Ohio, Ohthis is my fave jm song of all time.
  • Megan from Nowhere, KyThis is my favorite JM song as well. :)
  • Adam from Poplar Bluff, MoThis is my favorite John Mayer song. It is very poignant and moving.
  • Scotty from Greenville, NcI've read interviews where he describes this song about being stuck on the highway in traffic.
  • Natalie from Redding, CaThis is the first song of his that I ever liked. I hated his first single "no such thing" because I thought he sounded too much like Michael McDonald. Then I heard this, and I thought I'd give him another listen, and I haven't stopped listening since.
  • Viki from Canada, CanadaWhy Georgia is simply a great song. I loooooooove John Mayer and all of his music. He's very unique among other artists, and has so much talent. His writing, guitar playing, lyrics are always amazing! And he's not so hard on the eyes either...If you haven't seen him live...you haven't lived!
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