Love Me Again

Album: Tribute (2013)
Charted: 1 30
  • John Newman is a British Soul singer and musician who first came to prominence as the featured vocalist on Rudimental's hit singles "Feel The Love" and "Not Giving In." This is his debut solo single.
  • Newman co-wrote the song with British songwriter Steve Booker, who also co-penned Duffy's smash hit "Mercy," which won the 2009 Ivor Novello Award for most performed work. The pair composed the tune in a small studio in Parsons Green and they immediately sensed there was something special about it. "We turned around and had massive grins on our faces thinking, 'There's something good here,'" Newman recalled to Digital Spy. "But you just never know how good it is, you know?"
  • Newman explained to MTV UK that the song finds him expressing his heart and soul to an ex. He explained: "I kinda really messed up with my ex-girlfriend and she was working down in Dorset for a bit so I jumped on a train went and surprised her and kind of just turned up at her work."

    Newman asked her to love him again, which became the title and basis of the song. He wrote the lyrics on the train home.
  • The song was co-produced by Mike Spencer, who also helmed the Rudimental tracks on which Newman sang.
  • The song features on the soundtrack for FIFA 14. "How mad is that mate?!" commented to Newman about the song's inclusion on the video game. "I'm into football and FIFA massively, so I'm well chuffed. Imagine how p--sed off you'd be if you'd just lost a game against this guy, and then his song plays?! It's something you play as a kid and you play and you play and you play. So it's really cool, a massive achievement."
  • Newman wrote the song in an attempt win his ex-girlfriend back after cheating on her. When asked about the outcome of his apology song during an interview with Fresh 102.7's afternoon host, Dylan, the singer admitted that it didn't really go as well as he intended. "The thing is, when you're going through a break-up you go through the one and the two, and then you finally split up, and signed, sealed delivered," Newman said. "It was the first time I really messed up and you know, I was ready to move on anyways, so it's all good."
  • The majority of the tracks on Newman's Tribute album are about his break-up with his former girlfriend. The singer insisted to Q magazine that she has no hard feelings when hearing them on the radio, explaining: ''She was glad I was putting it out there and not just hiding it all away. She pats me on the back and says, 'Well done for growing some balls!'"
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  • Stacy from New JerseyI really love John Newman but I really hate this song! I have been cheated on by men more than once and am currently with one who cheated on me.
    It took a lot to forgive and trust him again. If I was forced to relive the memory over and over again I would lose my mind ,it's not hard to understand why she chose to not love him again! The stupid chauvinist pig had the balls to write a song about the infidelity.
    Only a cold, heartless person could enjoy these lyrics.
    Shame on you John Newman, I thought you were a true ladies man!
    Jersey Girl;(
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