The Stars And Stripes Forever

Album: Strictly Sousa (1896)


  • John Philip Sousa is a famous American composer known for his marches, and this is his most famous song. It's a patriotic anthem, with the stars and stripes referring to the American flag. In his autobiography Marching Along, Sousa explained that he wrote the song on a boat while returning from a vacation in Europe where he found out that his band manager David Blakely had died. Wrote Sousa: "I was pacing on the deck, absorbed in thoughts of my manager's death and the many duties and decisions which awaited me in New York. Suddenly, I began to sense a rhythmic beat of a band playing within my brain. Throughout the whole tense voyage, that imaginary band continued to unfold the same themes, echoing and re-echoing the most distinct melody. I did not transfer a note of that music to paper while I was on the steamer, but when we reached shore, I set down the measures that my brain-band had been playing for me, and not a note of it has ever changed."
  • In 1987, this was designated the official march of the United States. >>
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  • Taylor from Missouri For my music appreciation class I had to find a song from a certain time period, so I chose stars and stripes forever. For my project one of the things I had to find was the meaning of the song. After I had looked for the meaning of the song, and couldn't find it anywhere I found this website. Then I found the meaning, and it was very meaningful.
  • Leah from Brooklyn, NyThose words were used at the end of the program every week by the Singers on the on the SING ALONG WITH MITCH Show (1961) Lalah.
  • Lalah from Wasilla, AkThere are words to this : "Be kind to your webfooted friends, For aduck may be somebody's mother. Be kind you your friends in the swamp. Where the wheather very, very damp. Now you may think that this is the end. But it goes on a little bit further. Then it stops." Ok, they're not official but every time we played it in band, we sung along to the middle -repeat.
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