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  • In "Fahrenheit," John Splithoff metaphorically takes his temperature, examining his alcohol-fueled, self-destructive lifestyle. The song is written in character, but in a way Splithoff relates to. When he appeared on the Songfacts Podcast, he explained: "The person who is singing these lyrics or just telling this narrative isn't really feeling any certain way about it, it's just a matter-of-fact way of them reflecting on this loop that they're living in, and I connect that to living in a place like New York, having just moved here, and going out and seeing music every night and having a great time and getting used to waking up and feeling a certain way.

    I think it's someone who knows what their vices are, and they are just like, 'This is who I am, this is the life I'm living right now.' It feels like a dream because of the side-effects - whether it's drinking or staying out so late, whatever - this is their mindset and contact feeling that they have, and that's why I thought it was like a dream. They're chasing some sort of euphoria and that's why it's elusive, because they're not always going to get it. They're trying to reach a certain level of happiness or high but it's hard to get to."
  • Splithoff wrote this song in 2019 with Alex Mendoza, who co-wrote "Trampoline" by Shaed. It wasn't released until January 2021 because the pandemic derailed Splithoff's plans to launch the All In album in 2020.

    The album was Splithoff's first, but he had been releasing singles and EPs since 2014.
  • The music video, directed by Norris Guncheon and Christopher Fox, breaks the fourth wall to show the set and the making of the video. It was shot after a long period of lockdown, and Splithoff was thrilled to do it.

    "It had been so long since I worked with anybody in person," he said. "It was an amazing feeling to focus on a collaborative, albeit small and masked, group effort after spending so much time on the music in quarantine."


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