Gangster Of Love

Album: Gangster Of Love (1957)


  • This Watson composition was covered by Steve Miller, who alludes to it in his song "The Joker". The words aren't up to much, and although Miller's version is passable, there is extant video footage of a performance by Watson and his band in Bremen, Germany, 1977, though as with so many of Watson's songs he mixes up the good stuff with trash.

    After introducing it, with a bow, and capo at the third fret, he makes his guitar sing like a police siren. The soloing is sparse thereafter but along with the horn section, just about passable.

    It has to be said though that Watson was as much showman as performer, and played up to his audience, even in the studio. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England

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  • Dino from San Francisco, CaI enjoy Watson's guitar playing -- not overly fast with redundant notes, but tasty phrasing, with a funky tone. I bought one of his albums and, though he composed all the songs, half of them were melodies from popular songs. He makes up for this with extremely funny songs and lyrics. Soulful.
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