Tavern Song

Album: Let it Go (2012)


  • An instrumental by the Canadian folk trio Jon and Roy, "Tavern Song" was around long before it was released on the Let it Go album. Lead singer Jon Middleton said in our 2012 interview: "The majority of it was written a long time ago, when I was in university, so probably 10 years ago. And it kind of made its way back out. I used to play it by myself, used to play around Victoria and UVic where I went to school, and that song just kind of made it back into our repertoire. At first it was more of a mellow thing - it was just me on guitar. So it changed in the sense that the drums give it a lot more force."

    When asked why it was a good fit for the album, Jon added: "It it just felt like the right time to be playing that kind of song. It seems to happen a lot when you're playing music. Some songs, you have them for a while and you just don't feel like they fit at the time with what you're doing. And then you'll get to a certain place and they'll seem right all of a sudden."
  • Explaining how the song got its title, Jon Middleton told us: "For a long time we just called it 'The Spanish Song,' because it's obviously a Spanish style riff. But it seemed like such a simple title that we didn't want to just put that up there. So one night I was talking to a girlfriend at the time, and she listened to it, and it reminded her of this song by Rumi. He was an Islamic poet a long time ago, like 15th, 16th century. And he talks about the tavern being like a place in life you are at, and eventually you break free of the tavern. And so she thought it reminded her of that feeling of breaking free of the tavern. So that's where 'Tavern Song' came from."


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