Burning Up

Album: A Little Bit Longer (2008)
Charted: 30 5
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  • This Prince-inspired song was the first single from A Little Bit Longer. Nick Jonas told Entertainment Weekly: "It's about this girl - maybe she's at a party - and you feel that immediate connection. You both know it's there."
  • The rapper on this song is the Jonas Brothers' bodyguard Robert "Big Rob" Feggans. This isn't the first time a bodyguard has rapped: at the peak of their popularity, the bodyguard for the New Kids On The Block, who was known as "Biscuit," released the single "Biscuit's In The House."
  • When this debuted at #5 in the Hot 100, it became the brothers' highest-debuting and highest-peaking song to date. It also was the highest new entry in the history of Hollywood Records. However as the single didn't climb any higher than #5 it was unable to become the label's highest-ranking title. In May 1992, Hollywood's re-issue of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" climbed all the way to #2.
  • The Jonas Brothers performed this with Stevie Wonder at the Grammy Awards in 2009. They segued from this song into Wonder's "Superstition."

Comments: 13

  • Joe Jonas from HereLove the Jonas Brothers sm
  • Courtney from Eagan, MnThat's seriously immature of people to say that they are a joke. They work really hard to do what they do. They do make their own music, and lyrics. They seem like amazing and nice people, i don't understand why some people have to be so rude about them. They rock, and if you don't like them...well, thats your problem! I love you Jonas Brothers =)
  • Jessica from Brookings, SdI would really like to hear why the Jonas Brothers are the "straightest guys in Hollywood". Seems to me like Disney portrays them as asexual. I have to agree with Hope. If you don't play your own instruments or write your own songs, go sing karaoke (or since they're not old enough for a bar go sing in the church choir).
  • Hope from Naperville, IlI'm sorry, but the Jonas Brothers are just a joke. They do not play music, the band they hired plays their music. Disney promotes them to the maximum for the looks that make delusional preteen girls fall in love with their crappy sound. SOME of their music could gain them respect IF they had all the writing and playing credits. And don't tell me I don't know anything because I gave them a shot, I listened to all three of their cd's and found about two songs that were actually worth anything.
  • Rocio from Canberra , AustraliaBEST JONAS SONG EVER!!! One of my fave songs of all time... JOE IS SO HOT, & SO IS NICK :)... I Love the Jonas Brothers! They're the best!
  • Rosalie from New York, NyThis is my absolute favorite song ever! I love the Jonas Bothers! Nick is so hot!
  • Ashley from Houston, Txi love this song i memorized this song like crazy and i love the jonas brothers
  • Grant from Sterling Whites, Mithey blow dicks for a living AvA is the way to go
    w/ devil wears prada
  • Alex from Los Angeles, CaThey have great voices and have cool clothes.
    Joe Jonas can so do more push-ups and sing better than Chuck Norris. (probably not)

  • Ashley from City, IaLMAO Meredith "They are the staightest guys in Hollywood" LOL I'm sorry it just kills me. At least one of them *cough* Kevin *cough* is gay.
  • Jessica from Buffalo, Nythe Jonas Brothers are so awesome!I love them!They are the so hot!
  • J.d. from Austin, TxThe "girls" are hermaphrodites. Miley is a man. And no guy in hollywood is straight besides chuck norris. Chuck Norris is the reason lightning never strikes in the same place, because chuck norris is chasing it. Ninja's want to grow up to be like chuck norris, but they usually grow up to be killed by chuck norris. Chuck norris decided to can his urine and sell it as an energy drink: today, it is called red bull. Oh, by the way, you know who else wore a purity ring? Brittney spears. She was also temporarily on disney. I see a pattern. Hmmmm....
  • Meredith from Rock Hill, ScOMG the jobros are not gay. if they were why would joe have a girlfriend. nick dated miley. and theres videos of kevin hitting on girls.they are very sweet and cute. ILOVETHEM!!!! I cant wait till their concert. if you think they are gay you are because you are confused about what gay means. they are the staightest guys in Hollywood.
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