God Loves Ugly

Album: Jordin Sparks (2007)
  • Sparks told Live Daily how she came to record this track: "I did a tour with Michael W. Smith, a short Christmas tour. He has a family friend. Her name is Christa Black. She is the writer and original singer of the song. I remember her playing it for me one day and ever since then it had been on my mind. There hadn't been a day gone by that I didn't think about it. It was really put on my heart to sing it. One day, I finally called her up and asked her, 'Hey Christa, it's Jordin. I don't know if this is how it's supposed to work, but is there any way I can sing your song 'God Loves Ugly' and put it on my album?' She said, 'I've been waiting for you to ask me that.' It was just so weird how everything fell into place. After that, I played it for my A&R guy and I played it for my management, they liked it and said they would give it a shot. So I recorded it and I got to put it on the album. It's one of the songs that I fought for to get on the album. 'This has to be there.' So, we were going to put another song I co-wrote on the album, but I was like, 'I'd rather have this one on there so people can hear it.'"
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