Joshua Radin

June 14, 1974

Joshua Radin Artistfacts

  • Joshua Radin started out as a screenwriter, before picking up a guitar and writing his first song at the age of 30. He'd only learned to play the guitar two years previously.
  • That same year, American actor Zach Braff introduced Radin's composition, "Winter" to Scrubs' show creator, Bill Lawrence, who ultimately used several of Radin's songs in various scenes of the hit television series.
  • Radin and Braff are good buddies. The pair first met in college at Northwestern University. Radin explained on a Reddit AMA: "We didn't become close friends until I was living in New York after graduating and we were both waiting tables and giving each other notes on our screenplays."
  • Radin's songs have been widely used on various television series. Shows where his tunes have appeared include Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Cougar Town and One Tree Hill.
  • Radin played at Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's August 16, 2008 wedding. He recalled to the BBC: "I played on her chat show and she became a fan, I guess. But when she asked me to play the wedding, my initial thought was 'no,' because I'm not a wedding singer."

    "I didn't know if she wanted me to play covers, or be in the wedding band and play Motown songs. But she was super nice and said, 'I'm having an intimate wedding. It's only about 20 people in my living room and I would love it if you'd come in and be the surprise for Portia and play six or seven of your own songs.'"
  • Though a lot of people say "Rah-din." his name is actually pronounced "Ray-din."


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