Vegetable Car

Album: Simple Times (2008)


  • Radin told the story of the song to IndieLondon: "That was about a girl that I've never met. She used to drive by my house all the time in that car that I describe. In LA, a lot of people take these old beat up Mercedes that run on diesel gas… you can convert them very cheaply to run on vegetable oil. We call them vegetable cars and you see them all over LA. It'll say this car runs on vegetable oil on the bumper sticker… but this beautiful girl would drive by my house all the time while I was sitting outside playing guitar. I didn't really have the courage to go and talk to her, so I figured I'd write a song about her and maybe it would be on the radio. In my mind she'd drive by with the windows down and it would be on the radio [smiles]. That would be my in, I'd be like: 'Hey, I wrote that about you. I'm Josh.' But it never happened and then I moved back to New York City, so I never met her. Maybe I'll run into her one day."


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