Bad Reputation

Album: not on an album (2009)


  • This is not the first song called "Bad Reputation", and while it isn't as good as the Thin Lizzy track, this 1995 blues-based composition is certainly not inferior to the Joan Jett recording. And that ain't bad for one guy in his home studio, a drum machine and his ol' guitar. Frederick Niel Pfiel was born in 1950 and opened a YouTube account only in May 2009, but as of September 6 the following year he had 1,436 subscribers.

    The rise of the Internet has given hundreds of millions of ordinary people the chance to display their talents to the world. Fifteen hundred or so YouTube subscribers may be a poor substitute for a Grammy or an Ivor, and if you ain't arrived by the big 6-0 you ain't gonna arrive at all, but there are a lot of undiscovered superstars out there, and although justplainfred as he calls himself is likely to remain undiscovered, it is not for want of talent. And on top of that, his music is only a mouse click away.
  • "Bad Reputation" runs to around four and a half minutes; the man himself wrote: "Have you ever noticed that people with good reputations do what they can to maintain it. But, people with bad reputations really don't seem to care what others think. The guy in this song is no exception to the rule. I hope you enjoy the song and as always, your feedback is welcomed. Please feel free to rate, comment and share with your friends, thanks for listening and I sincerely thank you one and all for your support."
    No Fred, thank you. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2


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