After the Storm

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  • This uplifting slice of funk finds Kali Uchis singing of nurturing her spirits following a difficult time.

    But we've been struggling endless days
    Someday we'll find the love
    'Cause after the storm's
    When the flowers bloom

    Uchis explained the song's meaning: "We can find solace in the fact that we have to go through the bad stuff to truly get to the good," she said. "Just because you're losing at the moment doesn't mean you've lost yet. The storm may be scary now but it's how your flowers bloom later, and paradise is just beyond the rainbow."
  • The BADBADNOTGOOD-produced track features Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins. This was the first time that Uchis had worked with the funk legend but she had collaborated with Tyler several times before including on his tracks "See You Again," "F---ing Young/Perfect" and "Find Your Wings." The Colombian songstress also references the rapper's Flower Boy album several times during the tune.
  • The song tackles themes of survival and inner conflict. Uchis explained to Genius:

    "I have a huge level of respect for people who actually work hard and are survivors. When you're in a good place or when you're the unicorn that was able to get out of the circumstances, that doesn't happen for a lot of people because of the way the system is built. It's easy to be like, 'Oh well, I got here. Anything is possible. You can do it, too. Why can't you just do it for yourself?' It's not that easy for everybody."
  • Uchis also references her own personal difficulties of living in America, far away from her Colombian family members.

    I hate that sometimes I can't go home
    And it just ain't the same on the phone, no
    But everybody's gotta go on, don't they?
    Yes, we do, baby

    "I was in Canada, so I was traveling a lot. I was trying to work on my album," Uchis explained. "Trying to work on a lot of different things, getting my life together, so I wasn't home a lot. I guess that's where the part about me wanting to go home comes from, a little bit of the sadness of what it's like every day, having to live without the people that you love and having to be far away even from my family. They live in Colombia. All the people that I really care about are either dead or they live far away. It's like just kinda having to pick yourself up and keep going."
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