All Falls Down

Album: The College Dropout (2003)
Charted: 10 7
  • Kanye used Lauryn Hill's "The Mysteries Of Iniquity" as the hook for this song, and Hill originally sung the hook. He had several female artists singing on this, but chose the version that Syleena Johnson sings. >>
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    Nikki - Chicago, IL
  • West considers this a breakthrough song where he'd learnt to come up with his own style. He told the New York Times in a 2013 interview that when he first he wanted to perform Hip-Hop, "my raps sounded like a bit like Cam'ron; they sounded a bit like Mase; they sounded a bit like Jay-Z or whoever." It was only after West started hanging out with and producing the New York hip hop duo Dead Prez that he understood how to make "raps with a message sound cool that I was able to just write 'All Falls Down' in 15 minutes."
  • The music video was directed by Chris Milk and shot at Ontario International Airport in Ontario, California. It stars Kanye West and Stacey Dash, who is best known for playing Cher's high school best friend Dionne Marie Davenport in the 1995 feature film Clueless and the television spinoff of the same name. The clip also features cameos by Common as a gate agent, Kel Mitchell as a passenger, and Syleena Johnson at the ticket counter.

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  • Nikki from Chicago, IlSyleena Johnson WAS seen in this video, Debra. She played the "Scout Airline" ticketing agent giving Stacey Dash directions to the checkpoint area. He also had other Chicago celebs make cameos in this video; Common, Kells (from the dual Keenan and Kell), GLC and Consequence.
  • Nikki from Chicago, IlThis song also full of wisdom about how we seek approval from others with material things, and we even go deep in debt just for 'a compliment'.
  • Anonymousshe was, she's the woman behind the counter who gives s. dash directions or something
  • Debra from Littleton, NcWhy was Seelena Johnson not seen in this video?
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