Low Lights

Album: The Life of Pablo (2016)


  • This Kanye-less track features an uncredited female giving a testimony of faith. West explained why he added the 132-second offering to the album, stating: "I put Low Lights on my album just thinking about all the moms driving they kids to school then going to work."
  • The song was initially the intro to the Young Thug-featuring "Highlights."
  • Kanye West produced the song along with DJDS, formerly DJ Dodger Stadium, a DJ duo comprised of Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL The pair contributed to five tracks in total on Life of Pablo. Asked by Billboard magazine what sort of vibe West was looking for, Samo replied: "He kind of explained what he was going for with this album, the gospel nature of it. The stuff that he had liked of ours, we could tell that it made sense. There was crossover there in terms of the way we were using old soul samples and gospel elements on our own stuff.... He was like, can I just block you guys off for a couple of weeks to help me get this thing done?"

    Jerome LOL added:" Immediately we said, of course. He's really focused on creative energy. Everything was about creative and positive energy. It was really a presence to be around. We felt like we really understood where the project was coming from and the passion that was surrounding it."
  • The song samples the Kings of Tomorrow track "So Alive (Acapella)", which was written by New York City house DJ Sandy Rivera.


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