Bless This Acid House

Album: For Crying Out Loud (2017)
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  • This is Kasabian songwriter Serge Pizzorno's nod to the band's rave roots. "The thing that got me into music was the rave scene. That was the beginning," he told The Sun. "A sampler was the first bit of equipment I bought so that has always been essential to the sound, the groove and the movement."
  • Pizzorno spoke to Q magazine about the song: "It's a mad time, with what's been happening – it felt like the world was caving in around me," he said. "But I felt that everyone had said enough, like everyone had had their say, so this tune is just pure positive energy. I went round my mate's house and he's got this [Jeremy Deller-designed] poster and I thought, 'I love that', so I wrote a tune about it."
  • The song was inspired by some artwork owned by '90s DJ and M People founder Mike Pickering. Speaking about the track to Radio X, Serge Pizzorno said: "I was at Mike Pickering's house and he had this poster that said 'Bless This Acid House' and I wrote it down on my phone.

    Pizzorno added: "In the '70s, you'd hear a lot of tunes referencing rock 'n' roll from the '50s, so I thought that was interesting, me referencing acid house, which is now 20-odd years old. But rather than do a synth track, I thought a punk song referencing acid house would be quite cool. A nice little nod. It's massive at shows already."
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