Neon Noon

Album: Velociraptor! (2011)


  • Kasabian guitarist and main songwriter Serge Pizzorno was inspired to pen this contemplation of the passage of time after hearing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" on the radio when the band were in New York. He told Q magazine: "'Neon Noon' has got a bit of that feel, but also has a modern electro vibe to it too. Acoustic guitars and The Chemical Brothers, and lyrics about skeletons in the desert under a neon sky. (laughs). It's amazing people still talk about that 'lad rock' tag in relation to what we do. It just makes them look foolish really, because it's obvious they're not actually listening to the music."
  • The song's music video was shot by Pizzorno at home on his mobile phone. He revealed that he was inspired to shoot the clip after turning off his son's night light. Said the songwriter: "I was at home turning off Ennio's night light and I noticed that it was projecting psychedelic images on my shirt, so I decided to shoot a little video for 'Neon Noon' using my phone and 4 mirrors."


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