Ishin Denshin (You've Got To Help Yourself)

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  • This electro pop tune, which features Japanese Baile Funk MC Tigarah, is a track from English alternative pop band Keane's first EP, Night Train. The band's London-based manager Adam Tudhope described the record to Billboard magazine as "a very eclectic collection of songs."
  • Vocalist Tom Chaplin told The Sunday Times April 26, 2010: "We've become more confident about taking an idea and running with it. You have to do something radically different for people to even notice these days, and this EP is the high point of that spirit. I want people to listen to Keane and be bewildered. Some bands are so cynical in what they do - mentioning no names."
  • The song was originally recorded by Japanese electropop band Yellow Magic Orchestra. Fancy giving their version a listen? It can be found on their 2003 collection UC YMO: Ultimate Collection of Yellow Magic Orchestra.
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  • Cameron from Cenntenial, CoIt's actually a cover of the Yellow Magic Orchestrs
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