Behind These Hazel Eyes

Album: Breakaway (2004)
Charted: 9 6


  • This is a true song about Clarkson's ex boyfriend, who broke up with her and got married a month later. The song is about being hurt by someone you were once close to.
  • The song almost didn't make it to the album. It had different lyrics, but Kelly thought of new lyrics at the last minute.
  • The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, is based heavily on Clarkson's own personal experiences. She is credited with the concept and ideas behind it. In the clip, the singer is preparing for her wedding day when she discovers her fiancé has cheated on her with another woman. She flees into the nearby forest in her tattered gown and breaks down, only to get the last laugh later when she refuses to marry her philandering beau. "The whole thing is a metaphor about a broken fairy tale," Clarkson told MTV. "You think everything is going well, and then reality kicks your butt. It's kind of a sad video, but it's going to be my best one. It's real, and that's why people like me."

    The video did very well on MTV's TRL, becoming a regular #1 request. Finally, fifty days later, on August 3, 2005, the video was retired from the Top 10 countdown. Clarkson holds the record for the longest stay by a female at #1 with 33 days, nearly surpassing the record previously set by The Backstreet Boys. >>
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    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
  • The video was filmed in Toronto. Eagle-eyed viewers may catch a glimpse of Canadian actor Dan Levy, who appears as one of the wedding guests. Levy went on to co-create and star in the sitcom Schitt's Creek.

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  • Mariah from Fort Worth, Txyes she did write it.
    she writes her own music and
    that's why i listen.
    she's a genuine artist.

    **avril lavigne wrote
  • Steph from Commack, Nyomg luv this song! guys can be such as**holes.... its shows how her heart is crushed by the guy she loves, he wont see her cry about it. i prety much do that wit everything... luv it
  • Jessie from Dallas, TxThis song is the best!!!!
  • Michelle from Sydney, AustraliaI also love this song... one of the best and has a lot of meaning... thanks for being a great artist:):)
  • Jailene from K-town, Wa*sigh* This song is amazing. I love it because it so perfectly describes my last...breakup? Well, I'm not even sure it was a breakup so much as just a break. Breakdown? I know that's what I did. There are very few guys I have met who don't anger me in some way shape or form and the part that really pisses me off? I can't even be mad at my "ex" cuz he's been amazingly sweet about the whole friggin thing. Stupid boys. Ugh.
  • Katy from Portland, OrI love this song. It describes me and how I feel about this one guy. He doesn't know how much my heart breaks when he's not around. I like the lyrics.
  • Zac from Sydney, Australiamy sisters both LOVE this song............................ and so do i lol... it's catchy haha
  • Nikki from Wooster, OhI think this song has a nice meaning behind it. Its fascinating that even though her heart is broken by the guy she loves, he wont see her cry about it.
  • Dani from Staffordshirei thought she co-wrote it with avril lavigne???
  • Michelle from Darlington, EnglandThis song is magnificent! Not the meaning behind it, I mean. But it sounds good. And her boyfriend does sound like a p***k!!! Totally agree!
  • Paige from Avondale, PaThis song is about how kelly's boyfriend breaks up with her but she will stay strong and not let him see how much it hurts her. "You wont get to see the tears I cry..." meaning she is hiding all her feelings inside.
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaNow I hate pop music and anything to do with it. But this song is ok.
  • Jamie from Sydney, Australiai think she wrote it...
  • Kelli from Cedar Rapids, IaDid Kelly actually write the song?
  • Aimee-lee from Newcastle, WyI luv this song. It says wat Kelly really went through. 4 me it wolud take alot of guts to say something about my luv life and let the world hear about it. U roc Kelly.
  • Kimberly from Greeley, CoI certainlt wouldn't nominate this song as one of my favorties, but it is okay. Her boyfriend sounds like a pr*ck.
  • Aubrie from Leavenworth, WaThis song is wonderful!!Whenever my boyfriend and I broke up I listened to this song a lot!!It eased my pain and help the breakup!!Thank u!!
  • Hailey from New York, NyThis song is wonderful!!Whenever my boyfriend and I broke up I listened to this song a lot!!It eased my pain and help the breakup!!Thank u!!
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