Album: Life on a Rock (2013)


  • Kenny sings here of the peaceful feeling the music of reggae legend Bob Marley evokes. He penned the song in the kitchen of his Nashville home with Tom Douglas. Chesney told Billboard magazine: "It's so true and authentic to my life, because I thank God every day that I'm as blessed as I am, that I have the friends that I have, that I get to make music for a living, that I get to go out and play for a pretty big mass of people. But, with that comes the knife of responsibility, like it says in the song. I feel the most solid in my skin when I can pull that knife out and just try to be still. It's very hard for me to be still, especially when you're planning, some things two years ahead. It's really hard when you're doing that to sometimes live in the moment."

    Kenny added that he believes that other than Willie Nelson, Bob Marley "is the most universal artist ever." However the song is less about Marley and more about him, "describing how different my life can be, and what I do to find balance on the balance beam, what it takes to do that."

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  • Paula Jackson from Sebring FlBeautiful me such peace
  • Cheryl Lindgaard from Fountain, ColoradoHey Kenny, Listen to your "Marley" song and others today. October 5, 2020. Your music always make me feel better. I listen to it a lot. When you started with your first album in 1994, I was in England at an Airforce Base called Fairford, UK.A friend shared your CD. I liked the "Tin Man". I have listen to your music ever since. I have listen to your music, through my marriage, divorce, and through my single yrs. I got to see you once at Denver Stadium in Summer of 2013. That was a very Fun Day! I really liked your "Songs for the Saints" Album. I followed you all that Tour in 2019. I was looking forward to your 2020 Tour. So sad the Pamdemic, Coronavirus happen. But I know, this will pass and you will Tour again. God Bless You, your Band, and Crew!! Keep the Faith! No Shoe Nation will see all of you again...Stay Safe, Keep writing those magical songs! Looking forward to seeing you Perform once again! " Always gonna be You", is playing as I sign off. Love your Style!A Fan of yours, Cheryl Lindgaard...
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