Don't Mind

Album: Tours (2015)
Charted: 9 8


  • South Florida native Kent Jones was taught how to play the drums by his auntie. He then honed his skills on the piano and the hammond organ as well as taking jazz and music theory classes. Jones signed to DJ Khaled's We The Best Music Group in 2014 and released his debut mixtape Tours the following year.
  • This melodic, self-produced track came together quickly. "'Don't Mind' was pretty much all freestyle," he told Genius. "I made the beat, came up with the hook, and the next day I freestyled the verses."
  • The song almost didn't make it onto Tours due to a complication with its mix. Miami producers Cool & Dre, whom Jones had worked with before sorted the problem. He recalled to Vibe: "I got the tracklisting from the guy who does my artwork and then Dre and Khaled sent me the tracklisting and the track wasn't on there. So I hit up Dre and asked him what was going on. It was that song and another song. The other song really didn't make it, but that one we had get something done sonically on there. So Cool mixed down the entire Tours record. So we had to go back in and fix it. Once we got it back to Dre, that's when it just made it."
  • The song quickly gained heat and was soon getting played nationwide. It became Jones' first Hot 100 hit in May 2016. "I'm gonna be real with you. When I made it, I thought it was a good song with good rhythm," he said. "I was saying some stuff. It wasn't until I took the record up to Orlando. My brother at 104.5 DJ D-Strong was taking a listen to some records and he came across that one. D-Strong told me it was a hit. But I enjoyed making it."

    "The day I made it, because I made the beat and everything in one day, it was before I went on the road," Jones continued. "At one point I was like, you know maybe the people will respond to it differently. Now did I expect it to go as crazy as its going? Of course not."
  • Jones interpolates Barry White's "Practice What You Preach" on the hook. He explained to Billboard magazine: "I've always been inspired by Motown and soul. I'm a huge Barry White fan, so I had to pay homage. I wasn't like, 'This is the one!' - I freestyled the whole thing."
  • Kent Jones also uses some foreign phrases on the hook.

    She said "Hola, ¿Cómo estás?, she said "Konnichiwa"
    She said "Pardon my French", I said "Bonjour Madame"
    Then she said "Sak pase" and I said "N'ap boule"
    No matter where I go, you know I love 'em all

    Jones said: "I can say hello in Japanese and French and a few other languages - I also know some bad words. But I don't really know another language besides English."
  • Kent Jones told the BBC that this ode to his romantic prowess with women all over the world was inspired by his adopted home of Miami, Florida. "It's a melting pot - Spanish, Haitian, French, Asian," he said. "And in that melting pot, I stuck with the greetings that were most comfortable to me."

    "You hear a lot of people say 'hola,'" Jones added. "Spanish is a language that happens to take a waltz in other people's back yards."


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