Your Love Is My Drug

Album: Animal (2010)
Charted: 13 4


  • Kesha penned this track, which delves into the grubby details of her love life, with her mother, Tennessee songwriter Pebe Sebert. Kesha's mom began her music career as a punk-rock singer, before penning country hits such as Dolly Parton's 1980 chart-topper "Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle to You)." Kesha told MTV News: "I wrote a few songs with my mom who's a sick writer and taught me everything I know about songwriting. My mom and I are best friends, so it really comes naturally. She taught me how to write my first song. I can also be really honest with her. We're like best friends and there are no really forbidden topics."
  • Pebe Sebert contributed to two other tracks on Animal, "Stephen" and "the title track."
  • Kesha explained to PopEater how growing up in Nashville influenced her songwriting: "The cool kids played the most instruments. Me and my brother had a punk band; me and my mom wrote songs and I taught my little brother all about music," she said, adding, "[My mom] really taught me to tell a story, tell the real story and be honest. So, I [took] that mentality of country music and just put it in the words of a then-19-year-old sassy girl."
  • This is featured on the soundtrack to the film Everybody The Bounty Hunter.
  • Kesha performed this song on NBC's Saturday Night Live on April 17, 2010. During the performance, the singer was covered in tribal-like makeup and performed in the dark with only blacklight lighting making the makeup glow in the dark.
  • The song's music video was directed by Honey and shot on April 6 and April 7, 2010 in the Lancaster, California, desert. Kesha told MTV News: "In my video for 'Your Love Is My Drug,' it has a lot of animals in it, so that's exciting 'cause I'm a huge animal lover and I get to actually, like, hang out and ride and perform with animals."

    Kesha added that the clip helps to explain the Animal album title. "I love animals - that's why my record's called Animal. People have their theories about why I called my record Animal - it's really just because I'm obsessed with animals and I feel like I am an animal and I want to bring that out in people," she said. "So this is the video where I really got to play with animals and a hot bearded guy in the desert."
  • Kesha expounded on the video to MTV News: "I wrote this song on an airplane in, like, 10 minutes and finished it with my mom. So it's one of my favorites. It's stupid and fun. You can't take it too seriously. And so, the video, I wanted it to be like a psychedelic trip of the mind, comparable with being so disgustingly in love with someone that you lose your head. So I ride an elephant - no big deal! - and, um, I dance around a cave with black-light body paint and a python. I was in a cave, in the desert, and it was really fun. This video was inspired by the Beatles' Yellow Submarine movie, the animation aspect. There's a little bit of [that] in there too."

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  • Kathleen from Canoga Park, CaKate Glas, a beginning writer, wrote a poem 007, and made a comment on Craigslist/writers that "Music is a drug" just before Ke$ha's song came out.
  • Shelby from Westerly, Rilove this song (especially if there's pot)
  • Amy from Houston, Txi like this song because it's telling that how much she actually likes him
  • Jeana from Sterling Heights, Mi*cough* better not mean walmart
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