Album: 11:11 Reset (2017)


  • This song is directed at a no-good lover. Keyshia Cole is fed up with being lied to and she lays into the dude with both barrels.

    You picked the wrong one, yea yea
    You picked the wrong one baby
    You just played me for the last time
    I'm done f---ing with you

    Keyshia Cole explained to Genius: "The inspiration of the song is women's empowerment. We really wanted to have something that was more uptempo. I come from a hip-hop background and I wanted to incorporate that feeling with the new album."
  • Cole sings here about not taking her friends' opinions on her relationships too seriously:

    Whole squad said you was a hoe though
    Let breezy know these niggas ain't loyal

    The Oakland artist said: "You can't let people influence you. I listen to my squad but that doesn't mean that I follow. You have to find out for yourself. Your friends don't have to go home with you at night. They don't have to love the person you love. If your friends or family really care for you and it's not done out of jealousy then they'll ride with you through the storm and the sunshine."
  • The song features Remy Ma and French Montana, who contribute a verse each:

    "Remy is my sister first and foremost," said Cole. "I really wanted her to be a part of this album. French is my brother. That's my family. That's my homie. I've been knowing him for a few years now. He's dope. I called him and asked him if he would get on it. One phone call is all it took."
  • "You" is one of several semi-biographical tracks on Cole's seventh album inspired in part by issues with her former husband Daniel Gibson. "I feel like I'm just now getting over the fact that my marriage didn't work," the songstress told Billboard magazine. "I'm healing, however. And I'm not looking for any kind of substitute - another man, or alcohol - to help the healing or mask the pain I've been experiencing."
  • Keyshia Cole wasn't in the studio with either of French Montana or Remy Ma. "They sent it, I believe from New York," she told ABC Radio. "But it was automatic. Just called them up and they showed a lot of love and just made sure that it got done. When I heard both of their verses I was like 'yeah, this is, this is it, this is fire.' I love both, so it was a beautiful process."


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