Album: Low Kii Savage (2015)
Charted: 48 13
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  • Kiara Saulters is a singer-songwriter from Illinois who records under the name of Kiiara. She first received online interest for her song "Bring Me Back" in 2013. This berating of a negligent lover was released as her debut major label single on October 26, 2015, after signing to Atlantic Records.
  • Kiiara told Australia's Triple J in a radio interview in February 2016 that she wrote the song a couple years previously, "on classical guitar, and then just set it aside."

    The Illinois singer's vocals were later cut up and pasted together and in places eliminated in a new arrangement by SZA collaborator Felix Snow to give it a more "electronic and futuristic" sound. "It was really wordy, and we just hollowed it up," Kiiara said.
  • A portion of this song was chosen as background music for an Apple Watch commercial titled "Style" in 2015.
  • Billboard magazine asked Kiiara what she was thinking of when she wrote the song. "The overall message is you don't have to answer to anyone," she replied. "That's how I was raised. If someone asks you for something, you don't owe them anything. You don't have to answer. I wanted to somehow incorporate that into the song."

    "'I can leave the party without ever letting you know' [a line from "Gold"] - that's the whole thing," Kiiara added quoting a line from the song. "Someone can be like, 'Why are you leaving?' You're just gonna leave."
  • Kiiara and Felix Snow were originally going to title the song with the acronym: "W.E.L.Y.K." - for "without ever letting you know." Kiiara said: "We decided not to because we didn't want to be trendy. 'Gold' felt like years from now it would still be relevant."
  • The song was inspired by a specific event. Kiiara recalled to in a 2016 interview:

    "I was at a dinner party thing and I was leaving and I said 'bye' to everyone else, and not this one person. And then when I went to leave, and they were like, 'You're going to leave without saying 'bye?" And I either thought, or I said, 'Yeah.' That's where it came from. I was writing one day, I was just learning to write - this was three years ago - so it just fell out of my mouth."
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