Temple From Within

Album: Alive Or Just Breathing (2002)
  • This song was inspired by the theological concept that when someone becomes a Christian, they are filled with the Holy Spirit who comes to live within the believer. Their body then becomes a temple, belonging to God not to be violated, though the believer still struggles with his own human internal desires and fears. Frontman Jesse Leach explained to Artist Direct in a 2012 interview: "To me, it's kind of a gospel song in a way. You're looking up to God and saying, 'Give me peace. Help me to see life through different eyes. Teach me your ways and allow me to safe.' It's a cry to faith."
  • Leach was struggling with depression at the time, which later forced him to quit Killswitch in the middle of their first national tour. The singer articulated his struggles on this song as he explained to Artist Direct: "There's pain behind it to because at the time I was struggling with depression, which is something that's come and gone in my life a lot. You're crying out to God like, 'Help me out here. I'm having a hard time.' That's what it's about. At the root of it, that's where it's coming from."


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