Reckless (Growing Up)

Album: Up All Night (2012)
  • This autobiographical tale recounts Moore's teenage years in the small town of Tifton, Georgia and his journey from his home state to Nashville. He told Mike Ragogna of The Huffington Post why he decided to not hold back on the lyrical content on this cut. "This also being my debut record, I need to let some people in to me growing up, also letting people in on my life a little bit. I wanted to make it pretty true to me growing up as a kid, not being scared to even be a little offensive to people," explained Moore. "I get so tired about how now, people get so politically correct that they say, 'He can't say that in a song." Even if you mention you had a couple of beers in a field somewhere, they say you can't say that in a song. I think, "Why," because that's the way teenagers grow up. You sneak a couple of beers or whatever, that's part of the growing up process, we do dumb things as kids."

    I'm going to be hurting some people's ears with that song," he added. "They're going to try and cover their kid's ears up. I just wanted to write a record that was true to me and I didn't really factor in if it was going to bother somebody. I wanted to say this is the music I want to do, and hoping that there is a crowd that will like it."


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