Around The Universe In 80 Days

  • Although the majority of the album was conceived and written by John Woloschuk, this was written by Dee Long after hearing John's conceptual idea for the album. The song was inspired by the Jules Verne classic Around The World In 80 Days and written at Dee's Mother's house on her Piano. >>
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    Terry - St. Johns, Canada
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  • Terry from St. Johns, CanadaYou are correct Joe. Klaatu were a trio of Studio musicians from Toronto, Canada, who did not want to get caught up in the whole Touring scene that was so crushing in the early 70's. So they decided to record but not publicize themselves. They recorded anonamously.

    With the release of their first album, many media outlets were wondering if they could be the Beatles, due to the similarities in sound and style. Steve Smith, of the Providence Hearld wrote an artical speculating thet Klaatu Could be the Beatles... that ended up being wired around the world, and started the rumor of which you speak.

    The rumor boosted sales of the first two album, but ultimately lead to the bands demise in 1982.
  • Joe from Fairfax, VaRemember that in the States, this album was rumored to be the re-united Beatles, not sure how it was disputed.
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