by Korn


  • This is dedicated to all Korn fans. Lead singer Jonathan Davis is telling people that he went through a lot to get his feelings into the lyrics, but he doesn't mind doing it because his fans helped him stay alive. >>
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    Hlynur - Akureyri, Iceland
  • Lead singer Jon Davis played some of the drums on this. >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ
  • Jonathan Davis broke down in tears while performing "4U" during their show in San Francisco a few weeks after his wife, Devin's death on August 17, 2018. "This was my wife's favorite song," the vocalist said. "I'm sorry."

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  • Desiree from Powers Lake, Ndthis song is the fricken bomb...jon would do ANYTHING 4 his fans...i wonder when he's gonna do a concert in Wisconson
  • Desiree from Powers Lake, NdThis song has ment soo much to me.. i went thru a hard patch in my life and this song and pretty much all Jon Davis's songs has helped me thru it all...jon Rocks my fricken sox!!!
  • Kassandra from Long Island A.k.a Wrong Island, Ny4u lol i dedicate that song to jon davis (even though he dedicated that song to the fans) cause that song and all of their other songs are helping me get through the hardest years of my life and nick..... its jonathan not johnathan
  • Danielle from NorthumberlandJon Davis has done soooo much for his fans, and trully respect him for that. The respect stretches even more because of this song... This song has not got anything to do with publicity, or the sales... It's just Jon pouring his heart out -again. Pure respect for KoRn.
  • Damon from Queenstown, New ZealandYeah Davis is just expressing how much he thanks everyone for supporting him. He also states he would do anything for his fans. Pure and simple, great song. Pitty it's only 1:42
  • Hunter from Atlanta, GaKind of strange song, but cool. Had a good beat and sound to it.
  • Joseph from La, CaThis song is kinda touching in a weird way. The beat and sound of it is rather bizzare, but the meaning is strong. Heh once when I was feeling in an emotional vanuable state, I almost cried because it reminded me of my parents.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjJohnathan Davis plays additional drums on the track.
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