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  • Lead singer Jonathan Davis wrote this about a neighbor who used to abuse him. He had this to say about the song: "People think 'Daddy' was written because my dad f--ked me up the ass, but that's not what the song is about. It wasn't about my dad or mom. When I was a kid I was being abused by someone else and I went to my parents and told them about it. They thought I was lying and joking around, so they never did any s--t about it. They don't believe it was happening to their son. I don't like to talk about it." (Thanks, Ana - Wilkes Barre, PA) >>
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    Ana - Wilkes Barre, PA
  • When Korn performed their 1994 self-titled debut album from start to finish at Las Vegas's Brooklyn Bowl on March 13, 2015, it included a rare performance of this song. Having played this once, Davis had said it was too emotional for him to perform live again.

    Speaking to Rolling Stone in advance of the 2015 performance, Davis called the song "just so old news to me." He added: "It's not going to affect me like it did back then. There was abuse there, I dealt with it, and the person who abused me is dead now. Karma took them [laughs]. And, y'know, I've buried that. I'm just going to play the song for the people that need it, you know what I mean?"

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  • Jj from L.a. California I was like around 5yrs.and told my grandmother and aunt I was being abused by one of my uncles. Never believed me said I was lying. It's so f.up because you grow up with that hate and think about it everyday. The bastard died! Felt like they lifted a weight of my shoulders! Last I heard no one went to claim him in the coroners,so idk what happened,wait I do KARMA!
  • An-na from DenmarkMy dad molested me and I remember only one incident that took place when i was 7..he denied it when i told My mom back then but admitted it and begged for forgiveness when i was like 22 years old... i told him that i forgive him and now we never talk about it..sometimes i feel disgusted and angry again, but mostly i pretend as if it never happened....but I sure as hell don't ever let him be around My daughter when i am not in the same room.. i might forgive, but I can't forget and the trust is gone for life.
  • Gabe from California I’m thankful this song. I’m glad it was written... it reminds us that we are not alone :) I was 7 when it first happened. So I understand. To this day my parents do not know about it, and I don’t know if I will ever tell them.
  • $atan$petrabbitWell unfortunately I stumbled upon this song while high and started remembering s--t no one should have to remember happen to me by my own father when I was six (actual saudamy) I try not to remember but some days its too hard to forget
  • Skathink this was the last show that this song was performed live.
  • Anonymous from Ks And Other Places Something similar happened to me in school. The teachers would all verbally and physically abuse me (I wasn't raped, thank god), but it stuck with me and messed me up, and I've been struggling with feelings of hate and sadness every day since then. The kicker is, nobody believes me. If someone could believe me, I'm sure things would've turned out differently for the people who did this, since they're still out there teaching at the same school. Everyone loves and respects them as teachers and people, and I'm called a liar. I've moved away, but I can't move away from what happened, and how nobody understands. I'm not happy that a similar thing happened to Jonathan Davis but I'm happy that I finally have a role model who I can relate to and who can relate to me. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy, especially during these trying times. Not physically healthy, but mentally, because that's what's most important, even though it's invisible and somewhat of a taboo
  • Purdylisa001 from Fairbanks,akim speechless you guys hear constantly how fans relate, in his interview he said.... i played it for people who need it. i needed and im thankful.....thank you..
  • Alyssa Shores from GeorgiaI love this song this is a great song to let my old friends listen to because they have been facetiming these guys that they dont even know and they might get raped
  • Jose from Ohio@Casey - Glendale, Az - I read his book and he was coaxed and taken advantage of by an older neighbor boy to do homosexual stuff, I remember it clearly that Marilyn Manson stated that he was molested/coaxed into homosexual experimentation by an older boy. If you read his book or really like Manson that much, you would know that.
  • Danny from Phoenix ArizonaThe lyrics to the entire song:

    When I awake I'll see Thy face, When I awake I'll see Thy light!
    Mother awake me from my dreams! Mother awake me in Thy light!
    Hand in hand we're dancing together, dancing together in Thy light!
    When I awake I'll end all sorrows, When I awake I'll know Thy joy!
    Mother awake me from my dreams! Mother awake me in Thy joy!
    Hand in hand we're dancing together, dancing together in Thy joy!
    When I awake I'll end all fear, When I awake I'll see Thy love!
    Mother awake me from my dreams! Mother awake me in Thy love!
    Hand in hand we're dancing together, dancing together in Thy love!
  • Danny from Phoenix ArizonaThe outro lyrics is sung by a female but its actual name is When I Awake by Swami Kriyananda.
  • Casey from Glendale, AzTo neenee: What are you talking about? Marilyn Manson was never sexual abused. I read his autobiography and no where did he mention anything about being sexual abused.
  • Neenee from Lake Providence La, LaMarilyn Manson and Jonathan Davis have this in common: 1. Both were bullied as kids 2.Both are amazing live performers 3. Both are fueled on anger and hatred because of bad things that happened to them growing up 5.Both are victims of child sexual abuse 6. Both have amazing eye opening videos 7.Both are badasses on and off stage.
  • Reid from Petal, Msi find this song eally sad because so many of my friends have experienced this but it takes a strong man to write about a trama like this
  • Tyler from Apple Valley, CaThe intro vocals creep me out but are still awesome. In the end, Jon is actually crying, it's not fake at all. The lyrics almost make me cry. But still one of my favorite Korn songs.
  • Josh from Meridain, MsI thank people take things way 2 far about Jon when he was a child I've heard all the storys, his dad some women and alot of stuff that seems unreal but can happen. This song has meaning 2 it and I love it cause you can put your pain into a song "Daddy" is an awsome song.
  • Betty from Houston, Txsorry didn't read correctly so the one time he sang it might have been in texas.
  • Betty from Houston, TxAccording to a friend of mine this song was also performed in Houston texas at the family values tour a couple of years back. She was there so she knows. She said when Jon started singing this song the whole crowd became intensely quiet.
  • Betty from Houston, TxAccording to a friend of mine this song was also performed in Houston texas at the family values tour a couple of years back. She was there so she knows. She said when Jon started singing this song the whole crowd became intensely quiet.
  • Nick from Fayetteville, Oho man this song depresses me. poor jon he has got sum guts to even sing it live. thats extreme why didn't people believe him? this song scares me
  • Gary from Kennebunk, Mei can't find this song on any program or website. where can i get it? very underrated song.
  • Joe from Yamma, Bahrain"Okey Dokey. There are so many people that are wrong here. He was molested by a neighbor yes, A female neighbor."

    that must have been one fugly ass woman to be crying like he does in the song
  • Courtney from Columbus, OhI love this Song I know people who can relate so it makes me thankful of what I have! :|
  • Kate from Brisbane, AustraliaIf you listen very carfuly at the the end after the lady has sung her bit it sounds like JD had opened another door but this time it sounds like a man in a deep voice saying "death"... and fades away
    who do u reacon that was or was meant to represent?
  • Asdf from Asdf, AlI should also add that eventually noone believed the children because of lack of evidence and the bizarre nature of the accusations (much like what happened to Jonathan). Yet it is still suspicious, because so many unrelated children came out simultaneously to recount what happened to them...
  • Asdf from Asdf, AlHeres a disturbing fact....

    During the early to mid 80's, there was a rash of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) cases in Kern county (where Bakersfield resides in). Numerous children came forth with bizarre accounts of sexual abuse and torture. Whether or not Jonathan was involved is debatable, however Kern county was notorious for this.

    I can't believe noone has thought of this yet : /
  • Myss from Arvada, CoWow, that's so sad to know that his parents didn't do anything. I want to go back in time and just...take him away from it. Poor Jonathan!
  • Crystal from Stockton, CaThis is one of my favorite songs from Korn because of the lyrics in it......but at first I DID think it was about his Dad abusing him....And im glad that this song was only performed one time...
  • Stef from Conore, TxAt about five minutes or so into the song, I'm pretty sure Jonathan Davis says 'Daddy why' instead of 'Mommy why'.
  • Matt from Somers, NyI think the lyrics to the women singing at the end of the song are:

    When I awake, I'll see your face,
    When I awake I'll see your light,
    When I awake I'll see your face,
    When I awake I'll see your light,

    Mother awake me
    From my dream.
    Mother awake me
    And see my pain.

    I think it just repeats after this but I'm not sure because its hard to make out after the instruments come in, but i'm pretty sure this part is right.
  • Kevin from Independence, Modoes anyone know what the female at the end of the song is singing? anyone who can provide those lyrics on here, would be better at finding song lyrics than me.
  • Matt from Somers, NyI'm not sure, but I also think that his stepmother maybe witnessed one of the times when Jon was molested. Because in the song he says "saw you watching, Mommy why!! Your own child" So I believe,though I could be mistaken, that his stepmother might have witnessed him being molested and never did anything about it.
  • Kevin from Independence, MoOkey Dokey. There are so many people that are wrong here. He was molested by a neighbor yes, A female neighbor. We all know his parents didnt listen so there isnt a reason to say it again. Mr. Rogers wasnt the person Jeff. IT WAS A FEMALE THAT MOLESTED HIM. Did anyone stop and think for a single minute before thinking it was a guy. Da*n you people are so closed minded. If i am wrong. Show me a quote.
  • Joshua from Panama City, FlI identify with Jon. I know what it like to be raped. It's screws up people live. My band is a group of people who have been sexual abused as children. Jon you rock. keep on keeping on. Don't do glamor rock!
  • Neil from London, England- Jake, Houston, TX

    This song has nothing to do with Mr Rogers - that song is about a kid's TV presenter who told him to love and trust everyone, but when he did, they took advantage and this left him a very bitter man.
  • Jake from Aberdeen, Wadaddys about him getting sexually abused not f*cked upp the *ss he was just touched down thier ya know
  • Jake from Houston, TxIt is about their neighbor Mr. Rogers that molested him. His parents didn't listen.
  • Danielle from Northumberlandno... it's about his neighbour who used to sexually abuse him, and his father would't believe him. People say Jon Davis hates his dad, but him and his dad actually get on very well.
  • Max from New York, NyTo whoever made the thinger, u sure it wasn't his grandpappy? I thought it was about his grandfather, but I could be wrong.
  • Chad from Hoboken, Njin interviews, both jon and his father say the song is about a female family friend who sexually abused him. when 12 year old jon tried to turn to his family, they ignored him.

    much of the whining at the end was pushed by ross robinson. he pushed jon to make his vocals as torturous and emotion filled as possible. he's notorious for this, listen to the limp bizkit and slipknot albums he's produced.
  • Nick from Rochelle, Ilaccualy the event in the song never happend, half of the stuff johnathan davis talked about never happend he just makes up extreem situations to get attention since thier music is all the same....
  • Kassandra from Long Island A.k.a Wrong Island, Nybrian.... if you want more songs like this then im guessing you want jon to cry like that again? cause dude when he sings about stuff that happened to him like "kill you" he cries at the end cause it brings back bad memories for him and it makes me sad that hes so upset i dont want them to release another song like that unless jon is ready to
    so stop complaining
  • Joseph from Manteca, CaJon never performs "Daddy" in concert, and he never did on the "pop sux" tour...he performs "kill you" which is a very emotional track as well...almost as much as "daddy"
  • Mishel from Madera, Cawen jon davis song this he couldn't finish from so much emotion. and iv much rather him be happier now then having his songs still feeled with the same emotion.
  • Erik from Davis, CaI think that Jon has been getting over a lot of his problems lately. On the Pop Sucks tour stop I saw, he didn't even shed a tear. I'm glad to see him feel happier for once, but sadly, his music is suffering because it was fueled with his inner grief. He's feeling good, and so now his emotional words have no weight anymore.
  • Brian from Paoli, InThis is a great song, so much emotion. Too bad they can't still make music like this.
  • Dean from Chalfont, EnglandJon Davis has recently started singing this song on the untouchables tour. Maybe he can controll his feelings now.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjThe Hidden track that follows this song is from a tape that producer Ross Robinson found in an apartment that he was cleaning. He listened to the tape and he thought he should put it on the CD. It is unknown who the people are in the recording, it's between a male and a female and they are fighting over how to fix a car.
  • Jessi from Sandstone, Mn it's cool that Johnathan has the guts to sing about that stuff in front of all those people, even if it was only performed once, i respect John for singing it at all.
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