Here To Stay
by Korn

Album: Untouchables (2002)
Charted: 12 72
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  • This is told from the viewpoint of being taken advantage of, and now the person being taken advantage of is sick of it, and wants to take back what's his. This could also be something God would say about the world, meaning "I give you everything, and get nothing in return, and now I'm taking back what's mine." >>
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    Ryan - Kelso, WA
  • "Here To Stay" is a track from Untouchables, Korn's first album in three years. The band members did solo projects and worked on movie soundtracks in that time.

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI'm guessing the extra rib was on the top by his shoulders.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjDavid was born with an extra rib and had to get it removed because, yes, it was pinching a nerve in his arm. They got Ex-Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin to fill in the remaining spots on the Sick and Twisted tour and the entire Summer Sanitarium tour in 2000.
  • A.w. from Wichita, Kshow would a rib be pinching a nerve in his arm...are you a (non nice person)
  • Lil'tinker from Neverland (duh!), Virgin Islands (u.s.)Yeah, hmmm erik, my love, how good are you after I dont know, singing your heart out, rocking out, and entertaining thousands of fans who put out good money to see you.
    I think he is pretty damn good from what videos I have seen of them live. You can tell he is exhausted, dripping sweat, and trying to just catch his breath. To make sure all his fans have a good show, and he does it all with a smile. I hope he plays his pipes on more songs.
    If he did suck,(which I kinda doubt) as you say I still give 'em kuddos.
  • Mikhail from Greenville, Payou know i hate it when people on hear one part of a song and assume thats what the hole song is about, which is about the only way youre gonna think that the hole song is about cutting youre self
  • Mike from Vancouver, Waare you kidding that was probly korns best album i think that they did wrong with see you on the other side but came back with theyre new album
  • Max from New York, NyAfter this album, I officially decided KoRn was old and dumb and would never buy another album afterwards. This was the only decent song on that whole album and just any ole track on the first or Issues is better.
  • Joseph from La, CaI love this song, followed by shoots and ladders it's my favorite KoRn song. I also concider it my lifes theme song as I can so relate to it.
  • Jim from Youngstown, Ohit doesn't matter whether or not jon is a good bagpipe player, it is the idea of combining it with the heavy rock sound that makes it so damn sweet
  • Erik from Davis, CaI'm glad this album is bagpipeless. They should all be that way from now on. I've heard him play them during a concert and he was one of the worst pipers I've ever heard. I should know. I've heard some of the best bagpipe that have ever lived. I was humbled (in a negative way) to call myself a piper after I left the concert for a long time.
  • Rory from Camden, Njthis song is obviously about cutting your self......"as i take my time,driving humbly down the line....each cut closer to vein....bllleeeeed!bleeeeeeed!
  • Mary from Moulton, AlI love this song!! =) KoRn rox!* woooooo
  • Brandon from Phoenix, AzIt took so long to get this album out because it was delayed due to drummer David Silveria needing surgery to remove an extra rib that was pinching a nerve in his arm
  • Kevin from Webster, MaThe last song on Untouchables has a pretty cool chorus though, so hat was kinda a special ending, but all the other end songs are like 15 mins.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjIt is also the first KoRn CD where Jon doesn't play bagpipes on any tracks.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjUntouchables is the first KoRn CD that doesn't have anything special at the end. (although on the early releases there is a bonus track which is a remix of "Here to Stay"). Their first CD "KoRn" had a recorded fight between 2 unknown people after the last track ended. "Life is Peachy", their 2nd CD had a "recording session" version of "Twist" where just the vocals are heard before they mixed the whole thing. "Follow the LeadeR", their 3rd CD had a cover of Cheech and Chong's "Earache my Eye" that featured Cheech on vocals. Their 4th CD "Issues" had 4 minutes of whitenoise until the CD ended.
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