Kill You
by Korn

Album: Life Is Peachy (1996)


  • Jonathan Davis of Korn had a rough time in school, but when his father remarried, things got pretty bad at home as well. In this song, Davis sings about his stepmother and how he hates her. In the song, he says he wants to beat, stab, and rape her, and mumbles a passage about how poorly she treats him. Davis said of her: "I f--king hate that bitch. She's the most evil, f--ked up person I've met in my whole life. She hated my guts. She did everything she could to make my life hell. Like, when I was sick she'd feed me tea with Tabasco, which is really hot pepper oil. She'd make me drink it by saying, 'You have to burn that cold out, boy.' F--ked up s--t like that. So every night when I'd go to sleep, I'd dream of killing that bitch. In some sick way I had a sexual fantasy about her, and I don't know what that stems from or why, but I always dreamt about f--king her and killing her."
  • At 7:43, which is 2:37 after the song ends, there is a hidden a capella (vocals only) version of "Twist," which is the first song on Life Is Peachy. It has scat lyrics and lasts 49 seconds. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Martin Booth - Blackpool, England

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjActually, personally I probably wouldn't have minded the Tobasco in my tea. I put that s--t on everything; chicken, pizza, etc...
  • Kevin from Crescent City, CaIt couldn't be his step-mother, like many of you think, because his father didn't remarry until way after he was 12.
  • Kelly from Philly, PaJonathan had a step mom named Lily. His real mother's name was Holly, who left Jonathan's dad for Mark Chavez senior, who she had Mark Chavez Jr with (the first singer of Adema.) She used to put tabasco sauce in his tea, make fun of his clothes, and lie to his father about him. So those who said he DIDN'T have a step-mom, check your facts.
  • Dylan from Hudson, MaI agree with Daniel. A song is just a song. Lyrics don't create violence. Despite how violent the lyrics are, they are just considered works of art and creativity.
  • Daniel from Crestview, Flhey jules....are you serious....your kid is a KoRn am i....i used to have like people hanging in gallows in the rain....and it said KoRn Hangin' out out a rainy day....does this make me demented? no...does it make me deranged? makes me individual....whats terrifying to some is artistically beautiful to others....your step child is expressing his inner KoRn....dont think hes gunna kill you over it....
  • Jules from Montreal, CanadaNov 1/2007
    My boy has been caught with these lyrics. It has devastated me. I'm so hurt because I'm like a second mom to him or so I hoped. Now we're both suffering. I've done so much for him and maybe I'm not perfect but I promise I've never done anything to deserve this. These type of lyrics can create violence and in our case maybe damage that can't be undone. I wish this song writer Jon can forgive his mom or step-mom for the terrible things she has done to him and find loving people that he can trust and help him move on.
  • Sandra from Helsingborg/swedenKoRn, best ever!
    So real, makes u wanna ... ehm hit something, break something. It makes me happy.

    Daddy is worried about me.

  • Ted from Trafalgar, InI appologise for posting twice but I forgot this, He says he'd kill his kill his stepmom there.
  • Ted from Trafalgar, InYeah guys, his parents did get divorced, and he did have a stepmom.. The song is about her, not his biological mother.
  • Brett Wulf from Whiteland, Inin life it was his biological mother but he calls her his stepmom and says ur not my mother because no mother should just stand aside while these things happen to anyone
  • Josh from Levelland, VaJonathan Davis did not have a step mother. Why do you think he says mommy why in the song "daddy". His real mom was aroung until he left home.
  • Kevin from Independence, MoEven though he has never came out and said who this song is about, aside from it being a relative. I am not convinced that it was his step mother....Or for that matter if he even had a step mother.
  • Jen from Melbourne, FlI watched on a DVD when JOnathan was recording a part in this song. He was so into it. That's hard to find in a singer. Korn is my all-time favorite band.
  • Chris from Manassas, VaNo, if you liten closer, the very faint music at the end w/ Twist is actually the Twist music coming out of Jon's headphones; he was recording the vocals while listening to the music to keep up and stuff.
  • Ray from Lake City, FlThis is by far my all-time favorite KoRn song. I relate to it because I have a lot of anger and hatred toward my biological mother. This was only the second song I had ever heard by KoRn but it will always be the best.
  • Joseph from Manteca, CaJon's stepmom used to put tabasco in tea and make him drink it when he had a cold to "burn it out" or something like that
  • Corey from Toledo, OhMy personal favorite, and awesome song with a lot of feeling and power. Besides korn is the best band in the world
  • Nick from Paramus, NjJohnathan Davis plays additional guitars on this song.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjAt the end of this song, there is about 2 minutes of silence, then a recording session of the song "Twist" is heard with just the vocals (and if you listen carefully you can also hear the music from the other rooms) the CD then ends.
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