by Korn


  • Frontman Jonathan Davis discussed with Starry magazine the bird imagery on this song: "I used the bird just as an example. If you see a bird and its sitting on a wire and I've got a gun pointed at it, it sits there and it stares at you and it doesn't fly away. It's just sitting in the cross hairs and it gets killed. I think that just goes with any kind of relationship or us as human beings, in general, we like to take abuse. We sit there and take it and take it and get beat on and beat on and that's just our human nature. It's just our trained response to do that. Anything horrible happens to us we - we're preset to reset to dumb because we just look the other way or we forget about that pain. That's the real vibe, lyrically, of that song."

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjFor Some reason I thought he was saying "I have worshipped some false gods / I run to them like Pavlov's Dogs"
    Don't ask me Why...
  • Josh from Meridain, MsYa, everyday people have to take stupid bull and sometimes they just leat things go. The people that look away maybe the ones you have 2 watch out for cause they might be the one who dose the "Killing".
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