Sister Sinead

Album: Closer To The Bone (2009)
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  • This song is a tribute to Kristofferson's friend, the Irish singer Sinead O'Connor. Kristofferson comforted O'Connor on stage in 1992 when she was booed by the crowd during a Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary concert a fortnight after tearing up a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live. O'Connor regularly shaved her hair as a statement against the superficialities of the record industry, which Kristofferson alludes to in the lyric, "that bald-headed brave little girl."

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  • Gavin from Dublin, IrelandNot sure where Pjironed in that other comment is getting those "facts" from. Pure nonsense. I can assure you the only people who "dislike" Sinead are possibly the old school religious types. Or people who have no idea why she tore up that picture.
    People like myself appreciate her amazing voice, contribution to music, the way she stood up for what she believed in and the fact that she took a stand against the Catholic church; who at the time, refused to acknowledge the atrocities that priest and nuns had carried out in Ireland and all over the world. She was a pioneer in many ways.

    She also absolutely did not blame the Irish people on the famine. Absolutely ridiculous, false statement. You only have to look at her song, Famine, to see that.
  • Pjironed from Dublin, IrelandI saw him perform this song in Dublin, Ireland. Little did he know Sinead O'Connor is extremely disliked by many Irish people especially older members which the audience was mostly made up of. You could see he was not happy with the audience's audible comments about her as he sang this song.
    She also blamed the Irish people for the great famine which the country's population never recovered from to this day. A bit like blaming the citizens of Ethiopia for their famines. She is a bit of laughing stock in Ireland rather than some outspoken person with pearls of wisdom.
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