Better The Devil You Know

Album: Rhythm Of Love (1990)
Charted: 2
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  • The team of Stock, Aitken & Waterman came up with this when Peter Waterman was telling Mike Stock that Kylie had stopped going out with her Neighbours co-star Jason Donovan. Instead she was seeing INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence. He then commented how it was better the devil you know as they feared their lives were going to be hell as a consequence.
  • In an interview with the UK magazine Songwriting, Waterman explained the benefit of a tight deadline. "The best songs we ever wrote were written literally when somebody said, 'We've just had a call from Kylie, she's on her way in and trying to avoid the paparazzi, so you've got a two-hour wait.' And we thought, 's--t, we haven't even got a song yet!' But somebody said, 'Better the devil you know' and we all went, 'That's the song.' Bang! In one hour the song was written and in three hours it was recorded. It was just a great title and it tells you what the story is."
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  • Norma from Leeds, United KingdomIs the devil you know better than the one you don't? This worries me because young people might be drawn into devil worship, eating chickens' heads, playing cards and all sorts. A scary song with a hideous and frightening message.
  • Sarah from Stockton On Tees, --I know the whole drama behind the Kylie-splitting-up-with-Jason story! They [Kylie and Hutchens] were takin a big risk! It makes me wonder how Jason felt, after bein reunited wit Kylie, 4 her itv show!
  • Eric from Lakeland, FlThere is an very interesting analysis of Kylie Minogue's "Better the Devil You Know" in a lecture by Nick Cave (of the Bad Seeds) released under the name of The Secret Life of the Love Song. The lecture is fascinating for many other reasons as well.

    Eric Fullgraf
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