Sexy Love

Album: Kiss Me Once (2014)
  • This is one of three songs on the Kiss Me Once album that has variations of the word sex in the title. Kylie told the triple use of the 's' word was just a coincidence. She explained: "When (executive producer) Sia and I were working on the album, she said, 'We haven't got the sexy track. We don't have the 'Slow' for this album yet. So, we recorded 'Sexercize' and thought boom, that's it, 'Sexercise' thank you."

    "And then a few weeks later, MNDR, delivered this fantastic track 'Les Sex.' Sia contacted me saying I don't mean to put a spanner in the works, but this song 'Les Sex' has come through and it's really good, and it is really good, so we recorded 'Les Sex,'" she continued. "Then a couple of months later 'Sexy Love' came in, which is just disco dancehall fantastic, so I recorded that."

    "At this point, you don't know which songs will make the album, so it was okay to have three songs with 'sex' in the title," Kylie added. "As it turns out, they all made it on the album, so that's that. I tried to change the title and double, tripled checked do I need all of these songs. And I do, because they do different things."


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