Album: Heart Break (2017)


  • Lady A sing about how when you find the love of your live, it feels like home. They continue the metaphor later in the song by talking about maintaining the home, in order to keep that love as "something real and something strong."
  • The Lady A trio wrote the song with Heart Break producer busbee, whose previous work with the threesome included the #1 hit "Our Kind of Love." Busbee has also collaborated with the likes of Maren Morris and Keith Urban. Charles Kelley told Billboard magazine that teaming up with busbee was a no brainer.

    "He's produced a lot of the demos we did, and we really love him. In just watching him and the experience he's gained, and listening to the Maren Morris record, the sound of it just blew us away. It felt like an old friend. It was vintage, but current, clever and cool, without over trying."
  • Dave Haywood explained how busbee was an integral part of the record, "He challenged us, pushed us, he never settled for just an 'OK' vocal performance in the studio... or a mediocre lyric. Having known him for nearly eight years really made us all comfortable enough with each other to be open and say exactly what we felt."


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