Poker Face

Album: The Fame (2008)
Charted: 1 1


  • Lady Gaga told Fashionista101 that this tune is about the singer playing with guys as if she was a poker player. She explained: "The song speaks in reference to the poker game, 'Texas Hold Em.' So I said, 'I wanna hold him like they do in Texas, please.' So its basically saying like, I wanna hold that guy - I wanna be close to him."
  • The "Mum-mum-mum-ma" hook is sampled from Boney M's 1977 hit "Ma Baker."
  • This climbed into the Top 10 of the Hot 100, whilst Lady Gaga's debut single, "Just Dance," was positioned at #5. She thus became the first solo female lead artist to have her first two chart entries appear in the top 10 simultaneously, since Ciara achieved the same feat with "Goodies" and "1, 2 Step" in December 2004.
  • This reached #1 in many countries, including the singles charts in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  • Lady Gaga wrote this with her producer, RedOne. The Moroccan helmsman told Billboard magazine that he and Gaga clicked as soon as they started working together: "It happens so quick, we know each other, we're good musically," he said. "We're not overthinking. We just do what we feel right. Before you know it the song is pretty much done. I'm not saying that is the way it should be, but in this case that's what happened - we wrote 'Just Dance' in one hour. Done. 'Poker Face'? One hour. It just happened. Magic."
  • When this song reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, Lady Gaga became the first artist to top the chart with his or her first two entries since 1999-2000, when Christina Aguilera achieved the same feat with "Genie in a Bottle" and "What a Girl Wants."
  • NBC's Access Hollywood reported that during a birthday concert at Palm Springs Convention Center, where the audience was mainly made up of gay men, Lady Gaga opened up about the meaning behind this song. To an enthusiastic crowd reaction, she suggested that it is about her personal experience with bisexuality, adding that the song is about being with a man but fantasizing about a woman; hence, the man must read her "Poker Face" to understand what is going through her mind.
  • This was sampled by rapper Kid Cudi on his single "I Make Her Say." Cudi's mentor, Kanye West, told MTV News that he was inspired to incorporate elements of this song, when he learnt of its true meaning. He explained: "All the backstory to the song is really controversial. When I found out that her actual song is about her making love to her boyfriend but really thinking about her girlfriend, I was like, 'Oh, that's crazy.'"
  • This song reigned for 16 non-consecutive weeks on top of the Eurochart Hot 100 Singles chart. It was the longest-running pan-European #1 single since Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" completed 16 consecutive weeks at the summit in January 2002.
  • In a one-off chart covering the first five years of the UK Official Downloads Chart, which started on June 26, 2004, this song came out on top with 779,000 sales. In second place was the King of Leon's "Sex On Fire" and in third another Lady Gaga song, "Just Dance." The singer thanked her fans for putting her track at the summit of the chart. "I love my fans eternally, and will continue to live, breathe, bleed, and love music and fashion for them," she said.
  • Lady Gaga performed this on season 8 of American Idol with a version which she played the first verse and chorus singing and playing the piano. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mitchell - Brownstown, IN
  • This was the top-selling single of 2009 in the UK. Another Gaga song, "Just Dance," made it to number three in the year's rankings with The Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" sandwiched between them. The Fame was the second-biggest selling album of 2009 in the UK, only beaten by Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream.
  • Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) and Idina Menzel (Shelby Corcoran) covered an acoustic version of this song in the Theatricality episode of Glee. The single version spent three weeks on the Hot 100 jumping from 100-20, before plummeting to #70 the following week. In doing so it became the first song in the chart's history to register a gain of at least 50 positions one week and a drop of at least 50 spots seven days later.
  • Gaga performed this at halftime of the 2017 Super Bowl, pausing to soak up applause after the line, "I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas plays." The game was held in Houston, Texas.

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  • Frank from Spokane, WaYou Know what?? I used to think that lady gaga is talking about sucking a c**k in this song, but, maybe i was wrong
  • Jim from Pleasant Hill, CaThis song would be junk to me were it not for the catchy section where she starts to sing "cant' read my..." I wish the whole song had that melodic quality. I normally don't listen to this type of stuff at all.

    Still, the lyrics reinforce the impression of someone who's mostly superficial despite claiming to be "real" in interviews. She's like too many people in America; driven by image & money, and playing games with each other's minds while pretending to be sincere.
  • Brian from Boston, MaRyan from Anahola HI.I saw the episode on south park of wich you speak.Absolutely hillarious.
  • Casey from Mississippi, MsComing form a slipknot fan.......lady gaga is cool! :D
  • Dave from Prince Albert , SkI really like Chris Daughtry's acoustic version of this song. It sounds a whole lot better without the hypno rhythm or annoying moaning sounds.
  • Caitlyn from Royersford, PaHa! I never noticed that before!! She totally does say f-f-f -f*** her face! Thats hilarious! Oh well, Lady Gaga might not sound good but at least shes funny and raunchy
  • Dane from Lima,ohio, FlIs it me or does this woman dress like a super villian?You know,the ones who tangle with the Justice League on a regular basis?Lady Gaga,scaring straight guys since 2009...
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThis song was on the South Park episode, "Whale Whores", where Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny were playing it on Rock Band. Surprisingly, this song is releasing both versions for DLC.
  • Ben from Wellington, New Zealandshe is the pop music jesus, and this is from a Metallica fan
  • Coffeegod from Brandon, MsIt may be danceable but it still sucks. It is so very sad what masquerades as music these days.
  • Memento Mori from Owensboro, KyCrap, sorry big time for exploding on you. I only listen to radio on a bus and all, not by will. And by overplayed I mean they literally all overplayed.

    Sorry again
  • Deathtopigs from Your Face, FlOK, I apologize for calling you a Flyleaf fan. My bad. "I also did not say mainstream music is necessary bad, but all the current ones... haha, yes, and are overplayed." That is complete bull. You and I obviously have different tastes, but there are many artists I love that are mainstream - who I feel make brilliant music. I do think the quality of music and the effort put into making it has declined over the years, but there ARE still good bands out there. About the "overplayed" thing you mentioned - I don't really see what you mean. Music has always been overplayed. For example: Britney Spears in the 90's. If hearing songs over and over bothers you that much I have some advice - don't listen to the radio.
  • Memento Mori from Owensboro, KyFacepalm

    Memento Mori is a Latin term. That is where I got it.

    Both of us were assuming.

    Now, take any of the mainstream crap out there and just "compare" it to many bands. Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. Real talent. I also did not say mainstream music is necessary bad, but all the current ones... haha, yes, and are overplayed.

    That's my 2 cents. Also, thanks for proper grammar.
  • Deathtopigs from Your Face, FlAt Memento Mori - that was an incredibly dumb comment. "Clear you guys have only been introduced to radio music." - wow. So because we like a Lady Gaga song we only listen to the radio? Wrong. I'm also guessing by your name you are a Flyleaf fan. In case you don't know, Flyleaf is mainstream and are played on the radio. So don't act like you listen to obscure, underground music when you don't.
  • Memento Mori from Owensboro, KyOverrated song is overrated. All the stereotypical teens bow down to these talentless perverts.

    Clear you guys have only been introduced to radio music.
  • Mary from New York, NyAnyone who thinks Lady Gaga is talentless needs to look up one of the (many) live versions of this where it's just her and a piano. Amazing.
  • Ryan from London (y), United Kingdom'I wont tell you that I love you
    Kiss or Hug you.
    Cos' I'm bluffing
    It's my muffin
    I'm just stunning with my LoveGlue gunning!'

    I remember seeing in an interview with Lady Ga² that this is from when she was a Go-Go dancer when she had to make the men feel she was really into them even though she was just using them to get they're money. It really is a metaphor for life about how you really can never TRUELY know somebody. x
  • Margie from St. Louis, MoSeriously, what happened to music? Maybe Lady Gaga is better than some artists that have come out recently, (like the chick who sings 'Love Song', ugh! her voice is so ugly!) But I still don't think Lady Gaga is the best. I admit, she is tolerable, but she will never be on the same level as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and many others. Her voice isn't bad, but I do feel like she is 'manufactured'. I miss when music used real instruments instead of machines. Overall, I think Lady Gaga is overrated, but she is tolerable.
  • Paul from Euclid, OhKenzie and Richard: you are right about that part of the chorus. I didn't really hear it until I listened to it with headphones on. It's so subtle that you don't notice it if you don't listen closely.

    It's a good song , but I wouldn't want to hear it more than once or twice a day.
  • Richard from Stoney Creek, OnKenzie: That is exactly what I came on this site to find out! I've always heard "P-p-p-poker face p-p-f**k her face." There is without a doubt an "uck" sound on that second iteration. I was hoping someone could confirm it. And it kinda makes me think the song may be more about Lady Gaga's passion for fellatio.
  • Cyberpope from Richmond, Canadagirls playing games about romance? What's new about that?
  • Juan from La Mirada, CaYou know this song is overplayed if Cartman sings it
  • Kenzie from Athens, GaQuestion: In the chorus where she is supposedley sayin P-P-P-Poker Face, does anyone else hear her saying F-F-F-F*** her face? Listen to it. That's what I hear. Just curious if anyone else does. ; )
  • Jeff from Austin, TxI've never heard this song, and I have no idea who this chick is. What the F is wrong with young people?
  • Scott from Perth, Western Australia, -I love this song, I think Lady Gaga is the most exciting artist to come out in a long time, she writes her own music & lyrics, she has a great voice and she is different.
  • Bridget from New York, NyI really wish people weren't so hard on pop music. Even if she was talentless, which shes not, by the way ( feel good music does just that, makes you feel good. I'm not saying she's on the same level as dylan or jefferson airplane, I'm just saying that sometimes we want something to dance to : )
  • Michael from Morris County, Njlady gaga's career is completely based off of shock and autotune. she has 0 talent.
  • Nick from Vassar, Mii hate this song!!! her music uses more computers than Microsoft.
  • Tricia from Rockville Centre, NyThis song is the quintessential of the girl playa mentality! Its so true...NEVER SHOW YOUR HAND in the early stages of dating a guy. Always show them that you dont CARE so much..meanwhile you do! You will always coming winning in the long run! Way to go Lady GaGA!
  • Mike from Matawan, NjPeople giving a negative opinion is not trashing: it's an OPINION. As an artist (snicker, snicker) she has to; and should be; prepared to accept ALL critiques, good or bad. When you put yourself out there, you have to know that not everyone's going to like what you do. That having been said....this song SUCKS.
  • Stephanie from Eva, AlYO BECKY! if you don't like it don't listen to it! and if you never have don't knock it till you try it!
  • Frankie from Cardiff, United Kingdomplease, people, don't use this site to trash others. this is supposed to be about the music! this song has it's own style, which is techno and pop and it's different from some types of music but that doesn't make it bad. it's catchy, it has a beat and a theme and, say what you will, lady gaga has a nice voice, even when you hear it unproduced.
  • Becky from Portland, OrUmmm why does anyone listen to tasteless, talentless pop acts like lady gaga? can anyone realize her voice is made out of corporate technology? why waste your time? seriously. there are way better things to listen to. Lady gaga is disgusting and is a dirty whore. sp
  • Shelby from Staunton, VaI'm waiting for the day people will start to realize Lady Gaga is a waste of time, and will fade out like all the other crappy pop singers.
  • Violet from Indianapolis, InHey Ricky from Australia! Pink Floyd isnt making music anymore, so when you get tired of listening to "The Wall"... turn on the radio or pop "The Fame" into your cd player, take the stick out of your ass and enjoy the music!
  • Paul from Ann Arbor, MiGood point Nick & Ricky. Unfortunately dumbass pop acts like that sell out much more than pink floyd can ever imagine right now.

    I for one am a huge fan of pink floyd and dream theater, porcupine tree, 'tallica, maiden, opeth, but once in a while a whole lotta stupid dumbass fun wont hurt anyone right? if the music's fun its fun!
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaAgreed ricky. I for one would rather listen to pink floyd, led zeppelin, the eagles, Bon Jovi, Credence Clearwater Revival ,Metallica ,ac/dc, Queen, Van Halen for the good old 70's and 80's rock. But for this generation I'd also listen to foo fighters, alice in chains, Dream Theater (Bit of prog rock every now and then), silverchair, seether, Black Label Society, green day and heaps more.
  • Jennette from Garden Grove, CaThis song is shamzzing.
  • Ricky from Melbourne, Australialady gaga is a great example of the declining standards of pop music. it saddens me that she can make money out of this filth. and someone said that it is clever comparing playing with men to poker... anyone who thinks that this music is clever in anyway should never listen to something like pink floyd because their miniscule brains will explode from the sheer creativity and intelligence of it.
  • Lawrence from Erie, PaThe first time I heard this song I kinda had to take a second or two to let it sink in. Disco is dead, BUT this girl is the sht!!!!!
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnI love this song, Lady Gaga is no joke.
  • Deedee from Brooklyn, MdLady Gaga told MTV that this song is about fantasizing about women while having sex with her boyfriend.
  • Matt from Houston, Txhoney, we are not talking about stevie ray.

    oh, screw it, I can't beat ignorance
  • Dylan from Miami, Flsome of you guys dont know music when you hear it!=(. this song is OFF DA CHAIN! i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! i can listen to it everyday and i do. its the best!
  • Malaya from Chicago, IlI got my first speeding ticket to this song! I love the beats! This song is better than 10 red bulls!!! If I'm tired and this song comes on, I all of a sudden have so much energy. I love everything about this song. The metaphors, the beats, the fact that she doesn't sound like a chipmunk.
  • Mercedies from Soldotna, Akok to Blake, music is a sound. Stevie Ray Vaughn had a unique sound and that's what helped him become the legend he is today, but everyone plays with different sounds and thats why we have the music we have today. If ppl didn't mess around with the different tunes, we'd be stuck in a stone age music-wise. Who knows maybe the longer we play with this techno sound we could combine stevie and lady gaga to create a new sound! This is a good song though.
  • Blake from Tahlequah, OkOk to Tyfa thank god there is someone out there who is sick of this song...maybe I should just move to the U.K. seriously U.S's taste in music has hit rock bottom...Cool name by the way.
  • Blake from Tahlequah, Okok ok just one thing...what ever happened to music? I mean whats with this techno crap? everybody is doing it and it just doen't make much sence to me...what happened to the days when you put your heart and soul into it? what happened to the blues man? this is crap all of you people need to be introduced to my man Stevie Ray Vaughn now that guy knew how to jam!
  • Matt from Houston, Tx" I wanna hold the guy-so it's like texas hold em'" that is... not really creative. where did the damn times go. Pop reins over the hearts and souls of corporate america's minor division. wait til' katy perry releases her sophmoric album. hell will freeze over,and earth will boil into a golden brown hash of what used to be the shadow of doubt we all saw coming when video killed the radio star back in 81'. well no one could predict it but... too bad no one's here to see my what the hell face.
  • Tucker from Jackson Heights, NyWhat a lovely little song >.> First listen, well maybe it could be decent, something electronic, poppy, enticing, but then it gets too much airplay. GaGa seems to be shadowing Katy Perry in her interview with the BBC, saying this is hinting at bisexuality.... what can you do but roll your eyes?
  • Joey from Wellington, FlTo Kayla Upson : there is a goddess that is a beautiful amazing girl that lives across the street from myself, and i just want to tell her that she is amazing and any guy that would have the chance to date her, lucky guy. so to you Kayla, i think u are amazing, a hard worker, and a fun person to be around.
    -Always, Joey
  • Zep from Cape May, NjThis song sucks so hard, its not creative or anymore thoughtful then every other pop song from today.
    Music is just not the same anymore.
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlTO TYFA: I KNOW!!! EVERY TIME I tune into this one radio station it's played. I mean SERIOUSLY-Lady GaGa needs to write a new song. (By the way, I didn't know poker face was playing in the UK.)
  • Tyfa from North, United Kingdomi'm so sick of this first i was, yeah i could get into this...but when it's played every 5 minutes, it starts to get i can't listen to the song without wishing death upon whoever is playing it
  • Emily from Around Chicago, Ilgreat song to dance to...if you know how to dance. lol
  • Violet from Indianapolis, InI find the line "stunnin with my love glue gun" really freakin funny..... well, cuz if you wanna get kinda
  • Toni Parasite from Newcastle, United KingdomI love this song :) Its clever that shes comparing playing with guys like playing Poker. Inventive, yes?
  • Kristel from Catlett, VaOHHHHH... Dirty... I like it.
  • Beck from Columbus, OhLike it...good stuff to work out to.
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