• Vocalist Randy Blythe told Rolling Stone about this stream of invective directed at murder-for-hire groups: "Mark [Morton, guitarist] and I have always wanted to write a punk rock song, and that song, to me, sounds like Discharge. It was really cool to step back and do something with a visceral, immediate impact."

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  • Mike from Denver, Cothis is probably the song i like the least on wrath, but it is one hell of a headbanger.
  • Dan from Nas Whidbey Island, WaLamb of God has two sounds: earlier grindcore and then now more of a groove metal sound with big unison riffs and verse/chorus/bridge songwriting. I can't say I like one or the other sound better, it depends on what mood I'm in.
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaWrath might be the only lamb of god album in which i'll like every song on it. Then again most songs on their other albums are epic theres just some songs i've left behind simply cause i haven't gotten any time to listen to it lol. Nah this wrath cd is soundin really awesome and i'm not sayin its a good comeback cause sacrement's great as well. Randy improves on his vocals, Willie Adler and Mark morton still manages to entertain me with their unique guitar style's and sound (Keep up with the solo's!!!) plus Chris Adler and John Campbell still have an awesome rhythm (in my opinion). I guess if you listen to lamb of god then that means youre able to listen to new metallica stuff (like st.anger and death magnetic) if you hear the drums in most songs. Anyway just listen to 2:20-2:44 in this song and don't tell me you can't headbang to that. That is one of the best f***** breakdown's i've seen, or bridges, wateva ya call it. Song sounds a bit like pantera's f****** hostile if you ask me but its still great song.
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