King Me

Album: Resolution (2012)


  • This six-and-a-half-minute album closer is one of the most musically ambitious numbers that Lamb Of God has ever recorded. The longest song by the band to date, it climaxes with a full orchestra as well as opera singer Amanda Munton.
  • The song featured in the trailer for the HBO vampire show, True Blood. Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe is a self-proclaimed fan of all things to do with vampires and he expressed his excitement by stating: "I am in VAMPIRE GEEK HEAVEN right now. STOKED." adding "SO STOKED!!! & now I will drive to Kroger to pick up some pasta sauce, BLASTING 'King Me,' & looking for goths to high-five!"
  • Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler discussed the track during an interview with Lithium Magazine. He said: "The strings and the operatic sections in that song was a stretch for us. When we first heard some of that stuff coming back from our sessions, it wasn't that we didn't want to do it or that we don't like the song now, but it was one of those things where on our initial listen we were all taken aback like, 'Whoa…can we pull that off? Is this ok for us to do?' There aren't really any rulebooks to what we do, but it was strange. The more we listened to it and spent time with it, and played the album without it, we realized how much stronger the album was with that track included."


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