All My Rage

Album: A Creature I Don't Know (2011)


  • Marling describes this concluding track from her third album, A Creature I Don't Know as, "a bit of fun… about taking it all on the chin."
  • This finds Marling singing about leaving all her "rage to the sea and the sun." The Guardian asked her if the song as cathartic as it sounds. She replied: "It was the last song we recorded and it had been a quite intense process because we did the whole album in 10 days. Originally, that song was meant to be a bit of a joke, but by the end it had become quite relevant."
  • Marling was inspired to write this after being given an Appalachian dulcimer. She told Daniel Rachel (The Art of Noise: Conversations with Great Songwriters): "It's got four strings: two high drones and one string that you can play melody on. Again, it was meant to be light-hearted. We recorded that album in sequence and I was still umming and ahhing about recording it for the end of the album because it didn't really fit with the rest of it. It ended up being a bit of fun. We all went to the pub and got a bit trolleyed and then came back and recorded it."


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