Lonely Women

Album: Eli and the Thirteenth Confession (1968)


  • "No one hurries home to lonely women," Laura Nyro laments on this jazzy cut from her sophomore album, "a gal could die without her man." Zoot Sims concurs with melancholy blues riffs on the tenor sax.

    In a 1969 interview with Down Beat magazine, Nyro recalled when the famed musician met with her and arranger Charlie Calello: "We played the tape for him - it was a rainy afternoon and the studio looked grey, this great big studio - it was just me and Charlie and our engineer. Zoot Sims walked in with his head down to the floor, looking so down and everything. Then he did a thing with his sax where you just hear the air coming out and, like, it's all scratchy and broken and he communicates his loneliness into the song. Charlie and I sat there, crying... It was so beautiful and it was so great because it was all in the air... this older man in this great big studio on this rainy day... he was so quiet, it was great."


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